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  1. I like Hendricks, and the dude has got some serious power... but it's GSP. No one in the WW division will beat him. Even after an 18month layoff the guy looked great.
  2. Wrong call by the judges and wrong call by you. We boo'd our own.
  3. I'm laughing at how many times Goldy has told Joe that Lawlor is trying to make the fight "filthy"
  4. Why in the hell did Hominick try and roll for the omoplata? I doubt they'll cut him, at least I hope they don't. Hardy didn't get cut after an 0-4 run.
  5. He gave him a warning. It was only one, but it was there. He should have stepped in earlier than he did, but it was still the right call to make. We'll see a rematch.
  6. Not a Shamrock fan. I seriously hate Tito. Come to think of it, I don't really like Shamrock either, just cheered for the lesser of two evils.
  7. Gotta love shots to the back of the head.
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