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  1. He doesn't rotate his support leg nearly enough. Heel to opponent and the kick will come horizontally at the time of impact (or before).
  2. If Rob had Izzy's reach he would win for sure, Jan proved that. Izzy is Anderson Silva v2, uses his insane reach to counter, attacking only to score points, frustrate and force the other to lunge. In the first fight Rob kept lunging headfirst constantly and paid the price. If he fights smart like in this one, he still has to overcome the reach advantage somehow. Leg kicks, faints, body strikes and well timed takedowns could work.
  3. This was hilarious For once I had no idea what's gonna happen next.
  4. What’s next for Vettori? One more before title shot?
  5. I’m changing between local and original commentary. Quite a difference atleast on the moment I changed.
  6. Serious Kevin is a tense Kevin?
  7. Weird round. Vettori didn’t throw much but used a lot of energy. Kevin’s accuracy was off and got taken down and seemed tired.
  8. For 8 million I could be, otherwise I'll retire as the GOAT couch psychologist 😁
  9. Jones knows his time is up. He could have 3 losses more on his record if decisions weren't made in his favor. Trying to make retirement money. Losing this fight will do some damage to his record (first proper loss) but more importantly to his ego. If he gets KTFO, it will ruin him like so many other "invincible" champs before. His unconscious face will adorn the net for years to come. That is what he fears the most, not the actual fight or physical pain.
  10. I was surprised this popped up already on Viaplay as they aren't known exactly for newer movies. Light-hearted, enjoyable fare in the spirit of the original. A couple of funny jokes about time traveling but mostly goes along on a feel-good vibe.
  11. But if Vettori crushes Holland, it would set him back big time... so who knows?
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