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  1. Isn't it like a custom to score exhibition fights a draw?
  2. So much for JG’s wrestling... Entertaining fight. Imbecil referee.
  3. Wow, what a pace! JG gonna gas hard. Weird techniques all around.
  4. Sadly, I can not concur. He will throw leg kicks too and more with significant reach advantage. Bobby has been more cautious since his defeat, but hasn’t shown other improvements. His mind is still more at home than at fighting.
  5. The old Eastwood movie? It's been so long since I saw it, don't remember anything about it.
  6. Never even heard of Sandhagen until now. Hasn't he fought on main card before? That kick was sloppy but it did the job.
  7. Makwan fought a decent fight even though he lost. Easily the biggest name he has fought. Barb threw surprisingly few kicks and stumbled a couple of times, wonder if he had some problems with his legs or if he was just avoiding getting taken down. Looked like they both respected each other's games. Normally Makwan shoots more.
  8. Standing, for sure. On the ground? Decent chances.
  9. One of my fave horror films, an absolute beast of a movie. Just watched the director Neil Marshall's later movies, Centurion and Doomsday, both quite good. Have you seen his debut, Dog Soldiers? It's the dog's bollocks
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