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  1. Hendricks rematch could have been necessary if he didn't do so poorly after usada. MMA math generally doesn't work, but I'm sure Usman would wrestlef*** WB like Burns did unless he decided to showcase his newfound striking skills and get KO'ed. Usman fighting undeserving Masvidal twice is a big dent on his cred.
  2. Did I hear right? Morono coming out to Alestorm’s Zombies ate my pirate ship :) https://youtu.be/11RwdNMnglk
  3. Impressive aggression! Hits very hard. Chin up in the air, though and Bisping throwing some shade 😎
  4. I always hear his name as Sal Tomato
  5. As mentioned above, Lombardo and Hoglan get my vote too. Lombardo has magic in his hands (and feet), Hoglan is a machine. I'd like to mention these guys too: Sean Reinert (Death) Pete Webber (Havok), this guy's playing makes me want to F*** some s*** up! \m/ Charlie Benante (Anthrax, S.O.D.), what make Charlie great is the fact that he is a songwriter in the band too and his rhythms just make you want to mosh like crazy. This song also includes the greatest riff of all time This is going over the limit, but I can only count to 6 6 fkin 6 Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory) (sorry, didn't find good footage)
  6. Decided to watch this as it was clearly a like it or hate it type of a movie. Who knows, maybe I'd like it? It was chit. a stinky herring/8 Overly long, boring af, all the characters are horribly annoying and/or stupid, it focuses on people staring silently into the distance or crying all the fkin time, skips on the potentially good bits for god knows what reason and it is most definitively a "homage" aka rip-off of The Wicker Man. I'm thinking the director (of Hereditary, which was much better, but still not nearly as good as many make it out to be) was insulting and playing with us viewers on purpose. Kinda like Funny Games but much, much more poorly. The sort of a movie that thinks slow pace, people being silent and moving slowly is high art. And don't get me started on the swedes 😅
  7. What are the odds of her making it into the cage? I'm starting to think she's an urban legend.
  8. Kyung Ho Kang. Surely this guy's nickname should be "Gung Ho".
  9. The middle one was the best of the lot. Guessed the twist at the beginning. Kinda woke.
  10. Finally got to see this one. I liked it a lot. Certainly not run-of-the-mill stuff. I feel like the scene where a character says "don't try think about it too much" is the writer talking to the audience. Pretty hard to follow, but that's half the fun. The lead actor is wooden but Kenneth Branagh as a baddie is interesting to watch. Soundscape is distracting (probably on purpose) and the editing is swift, like it's trying to keep things moving as fast as possible.
  11. This was a mess. Plot was all over the place (a mix of 10 different better movies), characters unlikable... bonus point for Iron Maiden playing in the background. Luckily the second one is much better, feeling like a Friday 13th movie crossed with some witch stuff. Mad Max from Stranger Things is a lot better actor than the main ones. The plot becomes much more coherent too.
  12. Great show of leadership from Dana and co to make an interim title fight without speaking to the champ and not giving anyone any information why they did so.
  13. I'm watching via Viaplay and they usually show only the maincard, but lately they've been showing all the fights.
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