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    Solve the Silva Puzzle

  2. DoomPatrol

    This fight showed the biggest difference between silva and gsp

    Silva and GSP have more in common than it seems. Both are way above everyone else in their division and make them look like amateurs and for that reason their opponents fear them - yes, people fear GSP. Want proof? See Kos and Shields? fights. Both were scared stiff. Especially Kos was far removed from his usual self. Shields had a bit of success (I still gave all the rounds to GSP) after he illegally scratched GSP?s eye. If that hadn?t happened, Shields would have been like fish out of water the whole fight as he was until that. Exactly like Leites, Maia (he also had some success in the end) and Okami. A healthy fear for your opponent is good. Did you see Silva?s face in the Sonnen fight? He had never felt that feeling before. It would have been very interesting to see how he reacts to a loss now. We know GSP gets better after a loss, but a guy who is used to bullying their opponents gets beaten usually doesn?t take it very well. And when Silva?s aura of invulnerability and confidence starts cracking, it could open up an avalanche, because that?s half his game now. His opponents defeat themselves before stepping into the octagon.
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    Is What Anderson Silva Did Before the UFC 134 Okami Fight OK? (Greasing?)

    Silva looked like he was going to take a pee in his corner, though
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    Bwahahahahaa Palhares is hilarious!!

    ...with animal intelligence Didn?t he learn anything from last time?
  5. DoomPatrol

    Ross Pearson is a ****ing bulldog!

    I was really impressed with Pearson. I thought he didn?t have the killer instinct needed to fight a guy like Barboza. Great fight!
  6. DoomPatrol

    Solve the Silva Puzzle

    Slower kicks he can and probably will catch, but I don?t think he can catch a fast front kick. If he tries to catch low kicks, he leaves his head open.
  7. DoomPatrol

    Brazilians 8-1. Whatever Dana and Joe

    The thought crossed my mind but like the posts before me showed, no fault in the match-ups. Nog certainly wasn?t a clear candidate for a win.
  8. DoomPatrol

    Solve the Silva Puzzle

    Nice. Some Yoda is always good.
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    Solve the Silva Puzzle

    Ok, I?ll give my own suggestions: 1) Go for it. Don?t give him any time or space. If you?re masochistic, taunt him endlessly and stay far away and look to counter. 2) When he drops his hands he is waiting for you to hit him in the face. Don?t. Kick him in the legs or go for a single leg. The kick is safer. Just don?t do what he expects. 3) Kick the legs again. Circle to make him move before he can counter. 4) Close the distance. Maybe a double flying kick to prevent counters (like Pearson did). 5) circle or drop for a td. 6) Chaaarge! Also, you have to be fearless and always move and faint when not going for the td.
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    So Why Do People Hate On Chael?

    Sonnen has my support for this reason (only). He is the only one who has the guts to face AS on his own terms.
  11. DoomPatrol

    Okami actually did better than I expected...

    Well, safely wall?n stalling for a round IS better than I expected... which is sad. Okami fell for the same tricks as so many before, it is as if he hasn?t seen Silva fight before.
  12. What?s with the hat stealing? The nerve of some people... (Nog got his taken too)
  13. DoomPatrol

    Brendan Schaub is a BUM

    So glad for Nog
  14. DoomPatrol

    Forrest Griffin is a quitter

  15. DoomPatrol

    Forrest Griffin is a quitter

    Did any of you notice Forrest was almost falling over by himself constantly? Looked like he was drunk. Clumsy.
  16. DoomPatrol

    mauricio shogun rua vs. forrest griffin

    I have trouble rooting for either, since I like ?em both. Guess I?m leaning towards Shogun, he?s got more to offer in the future (possibly). I hope they bring it.
  17. DoomPatrol

    If Anderson Loses in Rio

    When AS someday dies, some of his fans will claim he let Death win, so he can submit him in the afterlife and rule for all eternity.
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    Anderson silva Burgerking Commercial ................

    So horrible on so many levels.... Didn?t Anderson use to work on a fast food restaurant and hate it? The Seagal one is good, though.
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    Yushin Okami insists he'll beat Anderson Silva at UFC 134

  20. DoomPatrol

    Anderson Silva/GSP

    Marketing the current fight. When GSP?s next fight comes closer we?ll see how they market him. Has he become "Surely the #2 P4P fighter" or "P4P contender" or what...
  21. DoomPatrol

    Yushin Okami insists he'll beat Anderson Silva at UFC 134

    Everyone says they will win, but not all of them truly believe it, especially people who go against Silva. That is actually a major factor in why Silva is so dominant. A lot of people are scared of him and doubt themselves, which makes them fight worse than they could. Sonnen wasn?t afraid and it showed. Anyway, I don?t think he has any chances to win, especially is he doesn?t use the same strategy. What is he going to do? Stand up with him? I don?t think so. Maybe try to push him against the fence, but how is he going to do that? He is so slow and can?t distract Silva with his striking. Is he going to wait for Silva to come to him? Catch his kicks? That is something I?d like to see somebody try - not because it would necessarily help, but because I?d like to see how far Silva can be taunted, you know, go all Nick Diaz on him, make him mad and then counter/td...
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    Who Here Actually Trains ?

    TKD for fun and fitness - too old for any serious "career"
  23. DoomPatrol

    Epic Picture of what GSP vs Diaz Staredown will look like

    GSP: Why are you looking at my chest? Diaz: Boobiesss... GSP: They are not *******! Diaz: Man, I?m wasted...