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  1. On 3/18/2020 at 11:28 PM, gadgets19 said:

    3 episodes in Altered Carbon.  Anthony Mackie is hit/miss for me.

    Still watching and like it mainly cause it is new and different.


    Westworld season 3 started last Sunday.  Season 1 was really good, 2 not so much, 3 still unsure.

    It was pretty good, but not a good as the first season. Watched both for the first time just now. Anthony Mackie was the weakest link, he's so... blank.

    Westworld season 1 was awesome, season 2 was good but too convoluted and first 2 episodes of season 3 are more straight forward. I like the fact it is (or is it?) situated in the real world mostly. We shall see where it goes from here.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Bwana said:

    The proactive states have taken the lead in developing testing, and the most distinguished and brightest scientists work in the private sector. Due to the slow response from the Feds and massive lack of available test kits, local government and health systems have taken the lead in the fight.

    I saw a special last night on a "new" blood test available, that check for natural antibodies.....and will net test results in hours instead of days, or no test at all because of supply. The diligence of States due to the lack of a prepared administration and health system, will save many lives.

    The heroes work at the hospitals and first responder locations everyday, I hope our country remembers that when this is over....they deserve twice the salary they make on a yearly basis.

    I'm afraid all that will be forgotten as soon as this thing is over...

  3. 8 minutes ago, Bwana said:

    I'm taking @Eclipse76 for the win, his immune system is in the chiiter from being malnourished....3 or 4 weeks of home lock down and the string bean won't be able to beat Wickles in an arm wrestling contest.

    Fore warning: As the obvious new incoming Mod, I'll be permanently banning 2 members immediately upon my inauguration. All of our friends on the Northern border are safe, but any members that (1) crawl under walls to enter the country, or (2) live in a country with beautiful blonde haired women(that have teeth)....shall be banished from the folds of the fora bosom.


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  4. So many things to say I can't keep 'em in my head long enough to write this...

    Horrible decision. Romero won 1,2 and 5. 3rd went to Isrunner and 4th was a toss up. At least 3-2 to Romero.

    Izzy getting more and more annoying by the minute. That brat dares to claim he won easily while making the record for running across the cage twice in a row and general distance running. He was getting countered all the time and the only thing he landed was those leg kicks. Crowd boos him and he just revels in it (because he doesn't have a choice - acknowledging his failures is not a choice in his mind) and flips the crowd. Go make some fans, Isrunner. His head is bigger than JJ's right now.

    And Yolo. If there ever was a moment a yolo punch was needed, this was it. Several times he let Izzy off the hook for no reason. In the final seconds he stopped punching to pound his chest. Wtf? When he got him down (wasn't scored for some reason) he didn't even try to keep him there instead choosing to punch then and let him get away. No plan to counter those leg kicks even though they must have been the most expected offense from Izzy's part. Good ducking and blocking of the head kicks though.

    Izzy is the new Anderson Silva. Doesn't do anything if people don't fight him like he wants to. 2:15 before the first strike was thrown.

    Costa better KO him twice in one fight. And take a dump on him afterwards.

  5. Had some time to watch a couple of movies.

    A thinking man's movie this one. Hidden hints all throughout the duration. Some suspense and intrigue. Pretty good. 7/10


    In the Tall Grass. Seems good on paper (director of Cube, Stephen King and his son's original book), but the result is confusing, repetitive and unengaging. This one had good ideas -mostly metaphors- but forgets to make a good movie. It is more fun to think about it than to watch it.  5/10


    Mandy has cult film written all over it. Psychedelic visuals and atmosphere, Nic Cage let loose, brutal violence... a bit messy and slow start but scores high on originality. 8/10

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  6. On 2/20/2020 at 12:53 PM, Jolldan said:


    **** it must be grim then, still remember watching that and thinking this might be the most depressing film I've ever seen lol.

    I just watched The Road. Didn't think it was that depressing. There must be something worse. Did wonder about what was the point of the movie, though. Life's a b**** and then you die?

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  7. 23 hours ago, hoonga said:

    100% agree...nice analysis.

    Also, I was waiting to see classic Jones (e.g., spinning elbows and kicks) and felt he didn't look himself...in fact, he looked much more beatable than usual, almost lethargic. Likely, he thought it would be a cakewalk with Reyes, and underestimated the caliber of the fighter. Not taking anything away from Reyes at all, who I felt did do enough to win 3 of 5 rounds. Also, Jones' post-fight interview sounded as if he was trying to convince the booing crowd why he deserved the win, which came across as sad and IMHO, rather pathetic. Jones needs to focus more...and Reyes deserves a rematch.

    He's off the picos (maybe) and fighting near-equal sized man in his prime, not children or senior citizens.

  8. 13 hours ago, StompGrind said:

    Watched the fight again. Observation on how to catch Jon clean and put him to sleep. Was around the 3rd rd i think. 

    When Jon presses in orthodox and tries to land that lazy plodding right straight & Reyes slips outside then uppercuts to lift him if he throws the right hook immediately right after instead of kinda of a push/shove he did. If he just throws it hard enough to shift.sway Jon into his left side so Jon turns his body and leands right & back to slip the left straight and retreat from the power as he always does if Reyes throws his left straight looking like a head shot then changes it into a fast enough body shot to slump Jon and bring his defense down as Jon leans away to dart away in his escape he can land a hard flush left high roundhouse kick right on the face with no defensive or only his right hand to block it. 

    Jon has this tenancy when he over pressures and gets caught with a shot to slip and turn as he leans away and backs out. It opens him up for high round kicks because he's sideways and leaning to one side. 

    Jon tends to keep at least one hand up as he does his turn n lean sprint away maneuver but if you can get that slumping reaction from a threatened body shot and get him to bring his elbow down as he retreats he'll retreat right out into a hard left shin to the face and if you he throw it Rutten hard & fast past center line it'll go right through his defense whether he has his hand up or not because he has his elbow down trying to protect his body. 


    Reyes did turn him with the heavy right hook at one point during the fight that turned Jon sideways retreating out into roundhouse range & he did throw a hard high kick but Jon partially blocked it. If he can get more of a slump reaction first and immediately time a very fast and hard roundhouse way past center line he'll decapitate him and it won't even really matter if Jon is blocking or not it's still gonna rock him very bad. 

    Drawing set-ups to speedy one shots probably not gonna work to finish Jon. You need set-up combinations with a mix of different tools/targets both quick and hard with little time & broken rhythm in between the shots so as he's in full defensive reaction mode it's leading him into being mistaken which is which so you can land clean hard shots he doesn't see coming. 

    Now this is what I'd like to see more on this forum ☝️

  9. 23 hours ago, StompGrind said:

    Jon beat up Reyes legs pretty good but that's about it and i think a lot of that damage was done via clashing shins which they both did quite a bit in the early rds. Jon landed a few clean light punches & low kicks the entire fight that got Reyes attention here and there but nothing that really hurt him. 

    Jon was in survival mode at least twice if not three or four times when he got clipped in the fight but he was able to hold on, sprint for dear life, block/evade & make Reyes waste energy chasing and missing looking for that clean follow-ups to put him away that never came.  After these exchanges Jon did pressure Reyes but Reyes realized he needed to stop taking the bait get on his bike & pose enough of a counter pot shot threat outside that Jon wouldn't rush him and take advantage of him while he recovered from those outputs. 

    The only time Jon had Reyes in any trouble is when he took his back and got a hook in but he was able to get back up before Jon could establish position & unleash GnP. So that was a wash there in the grappling exchanges. They both wasted energy & nothing happened damage wise or submission threat wise. 

    Jon was definitely out pointed & more beat up after the fight. Reyes was basically only more tired. 

    Despite the controversy it was a really interesting match-up technically with their different skills, strategic approaches, the surges, counter surges with the energy output & recovery tactics. 

    The thing that impressed me most about Reyes was his ability to completely shut down and dismantle Jon's early feel out long game with his teeps, side kicks, spinning backs & pawing. Besides the nice punches Reyes landed the shin clashing really threw Jon off balance and shut down Jon's linear kicking game down early so he had to rely more on his defense, long boxing, some round kicks and wrestling earlier than he would have. 

    The thing that impressed me most with Jon was his defensive ability to survive after getting cracked & hurt a few times early and his ability to continue to press all through large portions of the fight to sap Reyes & keep him at bay along with posing the TD threat at the right moments to limit Reyes from taking over. 


    I found myself wondering what enables Jones to move so little and keep pressing without using much energy. It is probably due to his td threat.

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  10. Reyes did surprisingly well, I'm glad it was a good fight even thought the judges fudged it up in the end. Jones did nothing except 2 harmless short takedowns while Reyes had Jones in trouble several times.  Reyes kept moving which was probably the single most important thing in this fight. Again we saw that when Jones fights someone near his own size, he isn't as godly as his lovers make him out to be. Jones is used to moving only a little if at all to dodge his opponents' attacks which saves his energy allowing him to turn it up during the championship rounds. I think Jones was surprised how well Reyes was able to hit him. Reyes also used a lot of leg kicks (finally!). Jones used more, though. If irc Reyes put Jones on his bum countering his leg kick. I would have liked to see more of those. Reyes' takedown defense was surprisingly good too and he got up quickly without taking any damage. This was probably due to his size again. Jones is used to wrestling people that are like children compared to him. Take the leverage advantage away and suddenly his wrestling isn't that good anymore even though he defeated an olympian...

    If they do the rematch, I hope Reyes doesn't go the Gus route and abandon everything that worked while Jones's team comes up with improvements.