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  1. I wonder how this would feel like if I watched it today. Back in the day it was pretty boring except for the twist. Also, who made that poster/cover? Talk about spoilers...
  2. It's a great movie. The missus loves it.
  3. I've seen Infernal Affairs back in the day when I watched a lot of Hong Kong movies (it's not Japanese...). It was ok, but I preferred John Woo's movies like the Killer and Hard Boiled.
  4. Always liked Demolition Man. Sandra Bullock was hot.
  5. Platform was good. They have the original language available too.
  6. Finished these recently: Westworld season 3: Pretty good, ending was kinda Game of Thrones season 8 - failed to connect emotionally. More straight-forward than previous seasons, but some character arcs were unconvincing. Devs: Interesting and original. Actually had a similar theme to WW, but with a more sombre pace. Visually pleasing too. Not a fan of determinism. The Outsider: Stephen King adaptation. Very good. One of the best King adaptations (no idea about the book, though). Interesting perspective into what could be a long episode of X-files.
  7. Is there any reason the poster quotes Drowning Pool's "Bodies"?
  8. Our capital area was quarantined for a couple of weeks (as it was the most infected area), but the government has decided to reopen traffic now. Unnecessary travel is still unrecommended. The infection rates have been on linear rise and it looks like our health care can deal with this. People have stopped hoarding toilet paper
  9. Finally saw this movie. As a Finnish metal head it is obligatory to watch this (as it is about a Finnish metal band...). I was glad to find it hilarious \m/
  10. Finally watched it. Garbage. Way worse than a normal episode. All the paths were so random and none of the endings were satisfying. "Do you pick up the towel? -Yes: there was a dinosaur under it and it ate you -No: you slip on it and die" I've read some of the "choose your own adventure"-books and this does no justice to them. verdict: cat/3€
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