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  1. Finally watched it. Garbage. Way worse than a normal episode. All the paths were so random and none of the endings were satisfying. "Do you pick up the towel? -Yes: there was a dinosaur under it and it ate you -No: you slip on it and die" I've read some of the "choose your own adventure"-books and this does no justice to them. verdict: cat/3€
  2. Knockouts? That's just his striking coach's place.
  3. It was pretty good, but not a good as the first season. Watched both for the first time just now. Anthony Mackie was the weakest link, he's so... blank. Westworld season 1 was awesome, season 2 was good but too convoluted and first 2 episodes of season 3 are more straight forward. I like the fact it is (or is it?) situated in the real world mostly. We shall see where it goes from here.
  4. That reminds me of the fact that I've got a couple of episodes left to watch...
  5. At first I thought they had botched the sound then I realized it was dubbed Didn't know Netflix chooses English over original audio.
  6. I'm afraid all that will be forgotten as soon as this thing is over...
  7. A fitting theme... A bit like Cube with less traps and more chit. Food instead of toilet paper. Liked it. Good to see Netflix make these idea-driven scifi flicks, like I am Mother (which was pretty good too).
  8. That's 8,3%, much more than previously reported anywhere (?)!
  9. Finland shut down schools etc. for a month. No gatherings of 10 or more if not necessary. Doing work from home if they allow me to.
  10. I'm waiting for them to make the decision before it's too late.
  11. Today our government decided to shut down all 500+ events until summer. Some sports teams are playing in empty arenas and fans are outside singing. People are stockpiling toilet paper and sanitizer already.
  12. So many things to say I can't keep 'em in my head long enough to write this... Horrible decision. Romero won 1,2 and 5. 3rd went to Isrunner and 4th was a toss up. At least 3-2 to Romero. Izzy getting more and more annoying by the minute. That brat dares to claim he won easily while making the record for running across the cage twice in a row and general distance running. He was getting countered all the time and the only thing he landed was those leg kicks. Crowd boos him and he just revels in it (because he doesn't have a choice - acknowledging his failures is not a choice in his mind) and flips the crowd. Go make some fans, Isrunner. His head is bigger than JJ's right now. And Yolo. If there ever was a moment a yolo punch was needed, this was it. Several times he let Izzy off the hook for no reason. In the final seconds he stopped punching to pound his chest. Wtf? When he got him down (wasn't scored for some reason) he didn't even try to keep him there instead choosing to punch then and let him get away. No plan to counter those leg kicks even though they must have been the most expected offense from Izzy's part. Good ducking and blocking of the head kicks though. Izzy is the new Anderson Silva. Doesn't do anything if people don't fight him like he wants to. 2:15 before the first strike was thrown. Costa better KO him twice in one fight. And take a dump on him afterwards.
  13. Had some time to watch a couple of movies. A thinking man's movie this one. Hidden hints all throughout the duration. Some suspense and intrigue. Pretty good. 7/10 ---- In the Tall Grass. Seems good on paper (director of Cube, Stephen King and his son's original book), but the result is confusing, repetitive and unengaging. This one had good ideas -mostly metaphors- but forgets to make a good movie. It is more fun to think about it than to watch it. 5/10 ___ Mandy has cult film written all over it. Psychedelic visuals and atmosphere, Nic Cage let loose, brutal violence... a bit messy and slow start but scores high on originality. 8/10
  14. I just watched The Road. Didn't think it was that depressing. There must be something worse. Did wonder about what was the point of the movie, though. Life's a b**** and then you die?
  15. He's off the picos (maybe) and fighting near-equal sized man in his prime, not children or senior citizens.
  16. Who wrote that? The judges' scores are handwritten, but the final result is done by computer. That's strange. I wonder what the procedure is.
  17. Now this is what I'd like to see more on this forum ☝️
  18. I found myself wondering what enables Jones to move so little and keep pressing without using much energy. It is probably due to his td threat.
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