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  1. NO OFFENCE!!! MMA is so stupid and fake! i dont know why people like it!!! I dont agree with this CARD GAME non-sence! (NO OFFENCE TO PEOPLE THAT LIKE WWE)
  2. ChuckGO

    New here!

    Thank you guys for the info! I hope chuck KOs Shogun!!! GO CHUCK!!!
  3. Im soooooooooo srry! It must be hard cents he was your friend.
  4. Lol is that you kissing your dog? If not sorry =P
  5. It was good i guess. But come on! A viking!!! DUDE A VIKING!!! Lol... GO CHUCK!!
  6. ChuckGO

    New here!

    Well i think Chuck is way better then Shogun. GO CHUCK!!!
  7. Hi guys and gals! This is my post where i talk about Deadlist Warrior! Samari VS Viking If you watched please vote on which you thought would win! A) Samari Viking My vote ______ I thought the Viking would win. I think the computer program is unrealilistic. GO CHUCK!!!
  8. ChuckGO

    New here!

    Hi guys! Im kinda new here so if anyone needs to tell me anything about the forums plz tell me!!! By the way GO CHUCK!!!
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