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  1. no we won't... we're not even upgrading Subiaco oval for the country's biggest sport being Australian Rules footy... let alone upgrading one of our existing rubbish stadiums to host UFC lol but if Dana's interested tell him to call me, my backyards always free. Melbourne would be fkn awesome!!!!
  2. This is true... I think someone a little bigger/stronger would be the key (Brock/Carwin). Kimbo was always going to have a tough time.
  3. I figured as much.... but wouldnt you just constantly feel like crap?? We all know the benefits of eating healthy extend passed the weight loss. I just couldnt imagine training really hard in MMA straight after a double whopper /w cheese.... if you get my drift?
  4. you better be joking. If this is true, then I'm 4th.
  5. On the flip side, I can't see Kimbo going to LHW. His weakness would just be highlighted more & more as he went down in weight.
  6. care to elaborate? When I said that I meant I could imagine a skill set similar to Roy's at 205 fairing reasonably well.
  7. Ok so I've made another thread on Nelson v. Slice, but I don't intend on bashing either of them so I made a new one. I've just watched the fight and for those who claim that it was boring, you need to watch more MMA or go watch another sport. I have found very few MMA bouts boring, and this wasn't one of em. Secondly, I wasn't overly impressed with either fighter, I think they both have a lot of work to do and I think they both know which areas are their weaknesses. I read Freedom's' thread and I think that shows that these guys are reasonably switched on and I think that is the type of attitude needed to get anywhere in the sport. To the reason I created this thread... I really disliked the fight that Roy chose to fight. He was prepared to finish the fight but IMO he tip toed around the whole thing. His wrestling ability is obvious, but it's kind of annoying to watch a credited wrestler hold a guy against the fence for 4hrs before deciding to take him down. His ground game is good, but like it has been pointed out, I think he could have been 400% more aggressive in finishing the fight. Instead he decided to 'pepper' Kimbo, and prompt the Ref to step in.... you just don't do that IMO. His interpretation of winning is having a 'W' on your record, not dominating a fight. I watch every TUF fight with the thought of the that guy facing the champ of that particular division. I project the fighters progression and picture him up against the champ. How do you think Roy would have gone against Brock, IMO... schooled. He probably would have been bench pressed before performing anything resembling a crucifix. And thats assuming he would be able to put Brock on his back, which is highly unlikely. Roy uses his excess weight to his advantage (why wouldnt he) but I think against someone a little stronger and/or bigger, he would seriously struggle. Kimbo isnt a very big HW (anyone know what he weighed in at?) and it showed when Roy sat on him, and I honestly do not doubt the possibility of the belly disrupting his breathing. But thats just another tool for Roy to use and why wouldnt he. Finally, why is Roy so fat? I've heard people go to the extent of bragging about his cardio, and that he works really hard etc. Wouldnt it be hard to keep that weight on whilst training so hard? I can picture a 205lb Roy doing really well, probably a little late but hey, it's a thought.
  8. Look it up before making a fool of your self trying to make fun of the best Mod in the world.
  9. no offense to anyone but this thread is another reason im so glad to live in Australia. They always remind of how lucky we are to live here, but never remind us of why. Bit of a reality check I suppose.
  10. And don't knock the camera man, filming the incident was probably the best thing this guy could have done, beside perform first aid to the kid. It lead to 3 arrests, thats better than none. Although, with the amount of intelligence which seemed to be around in that video, he was probably filming to show his friends later.
  11. Sorry GH, you couldnt be more wrong... Going by your logic, breaking & entering someones house then being shot dead would make you innocent. Doesn't wash with me. The guy was there for a fight, and he got one. Anyone with half a brain who was not looking for a fight would have got the hell outta there. I agree that he may have wanted to "stick up for his homies", but doing so puts you at risk of serious injury or death. It's that simple. He either wasn't too bright, or reacted in the wrong way at the wrong place, it can happen. I just don't see "gang war" and "innocence" in the same sentence.
  12. I was thinking this the whole time.... You can talk up Big Country all you want, but do we see him beating Mir, Nog or Randy let alone Brock. We need potential champions people, not over weight heavy hitters who have spent their lives KOing cans.
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