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  1. polecat

    UK TV info

    Has anyone heard any more rumblings on any new TV deals for the UFC in the UK? it has been cracking me up waiting to see if i will get to see the UFC on a regular basis. it was a complete nightmare getting to see UFC 100 and ended up going to my sister in laws to watch it whilst she was on holiday. i dont fancy watching it online at all and fear i will not get to follow it. so if anyone has any info or has heard anything further plese let us know. cheers polecat.
  2. another advert as to why big fat boxing gloves can give you brain damage. obviously mr mayweather has taken too many punches to the head.
  3. In a similar situe mate. been into UFC for a while now, and constantly ranting about it. feel like the odd biscuit in the tin sometimes as boxing is more their thing. fed up telling them that its done and that MMA and UFC in particular is the next big thing and will eclipse boxing. they dont believe me but will remember me teling them it. i say it often enough. LANARKSHIRE LAD MESELF.
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