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  1. eh i like her attitude. you have to think highly of yourself or nobody else will. but that girl tara is smoking. your tattoos and face give you kind of a street or **** star look while she looks like a quality model.
  2. unfortunately you have to remember the ufc is a business before a sport. and to be honest even though some people would like to see talented fighters like carwin, valasquez, or jds get their shot that's not going to make as much money as lesnar vs mir III.
  3. i would assume it would take at least a few weeks to receive your prize. can you reply to the emails that notified you that you won? or is it some generic noreply@ufc.com or something?
  4. john cena and triple h would get destroyed. they are entertainers. kurt angle (if he wasn't injured beyond belief) would have a solid foundation to build upon. if he worked on his striking who knows. it's all speculation. some questions would need to be answered like how good is his chin?
  5. ^ exactly this. they are there for one reason and that is to be the best. i'm sure they would like to put on a good show for the fans but getting the W comes first for sure.
  6. arlovski was the only legit fighter rogers beat. brock has tko'd two former champions and he's only had five professional fights.
  7. i can think of one good reason fedor won't sign with the ufc. cause he'll be thrown to brock almost instantly. everybody wants to see it the number one and two ranked heavyweights go at it. and honestly how would fedor's legacy look after brock (who you all talk so much **** about) destroys him. he'll be faced with people saying your past your prime back in the day you could have killed him. so he rather dodge it and everyone speculate on how he would have killed him.
  8. so because i don't like fedor i'm a ufc fan not an mma fan. typical response. fedor is on a scripted destruction. like it or not he's not fighting top guys. maybe in the past he has fought a few but he's not getting set up with his best challenges. and please try and tell me you feel rogers, werdum, etc... pose a bigger threat to fedor then lesnar, mir, jds, etc...
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