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  1. no way that should have been a split decision... Kelvin easily won that
  2. I thought it was a bit premature, but Meisha was done. Cats knees and picture perfect elbow destroyed her. Great fight
  3. Diaz had nothing... Condit was far better
  4. Diaz had nothing, he got of ONE good exchange and lost in every other aspect of the fight. Nick spent most of the fight on the ground turtling while GSP punched him in the head.
  5. Face it GSP dominated at every aspect of the fight... Diaz could do nothing... so much for 'war diaz'
  6. complete nonsense decision, Gomi easily won that fight
  7. Very good main event... definitely deserved to be the main event and can't wait to see her fight again
  8. Neither fighter looks like are contenders.
  9. I thought Frankie won, but it was damn close. Damage was probably the deciding factor, but if it went another round Frankie's cardio would have given him the victory.
  10. Belcher had nothing... not the most exciting, but obvious Okami victory
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