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  1. Really? Because there's a chance you are both the worst poster and moderator on this or any other forum. Remember this post before you deleted it? sobercuban (http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/user/406774-sobercuban/) has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "Another shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge". ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ QUOTE ---------- Why are you calling out Black people? Was this ultimately the hidden point of this thread? ----------------------------- obviously, you stupid homophobic ****. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. We? Do you have a mouse in your pocket?
  3. Don't you look like a Class A Clown now. lmao!
  4. BWWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! So much for you people saying Tyron didn't deserve the title fight.
  5. Wonderboy said he wanted Lawler, so he get's Lawler.
  6. I mentioned this before, but MMA is rules based and is not for street fighting. There are just as many Youtube videos of guys getting their asses handed to them in street/bar fights. I can remember one being Bellator fighters and the other one was a UFC fighter. As for Overeem and Werdum yes they could go into the other organizations because they did those first. Reem was a kickboxer before he started MMA and Werdum was a BJJ competitor before he started MMA.
  7. Interesting that some of you are making a distinction between "striking" and punching, when they are both same. Striking is using any part of the body to attack, to include punches. Besides I don't think that the OP was implying that any boxer had much of a chance against a guy who was skilled in arts that uses knees, elbows, feet and grappling. Pretty sure he was only talking about pure boxing. I think we have all moved beyond that discussion. It reminds when Bob Sapp got in Tyson's face and challenged him, Tyson showing he wasn't an idiot responded any time and even specified under the "Queensbury rules", so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding. Bob Sapp never followed up since.
  8. Yawn. The only loss in over decade and the Cyborg haters can only bring up a competition she lost in a different sport. What's next, we talk about Paige Van Zant losing on DWTS, therefore she must s uck.
  9. I don't disagree about the HW, because I think MMA is a HW sport. Perhaps including LHW. I just wanted to add that I have seen MMA fighters get their a s s es handed to them on Youtube, in street fights. The ones I have seen them win were usually in controlled environments when they took on somone in a gym or a "backyard" competition. It may be a mental thing? In the street fights they won, it was usually because of the wrestling.
  10. That was six years ago. I just told you guys this.
  11. Doesn't matter. That was MW.
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