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  1. tangsoo

    UFC 120 @ The O2

    So what if it British fighters? I was at 105 and it was awesome, the atmosphere when the brits where fighting was unreal!
  2. in the top 500 for a few tracks on gran turismo
  3. This guy picked on GSP haha, owned!
  4. not the prettiest of faces, nice body though
  5. Tang Soo Do Karate Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu
  6. I was thinking he looks very athletic this fight
  7. Give fighters different movement and moves. Every fighter at the moment is just a reskin, so boring.
  8. tangsoo

    Showcasing TUF 9 team UK

    Pearson wont fade, from his updates he's training HARD for this fight!
  9. http://uk.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=eventDetail.FightCard&eid=2366 Looks pretty awesome to me.
  10. This should be moved to the main event!
  11. Flying sidekick, arms are abit all over but not to bad!
  12. I cant wait to see Dan Hardy and Randy fight, Gonna be awesome!!
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