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  1. Just trying to clear some things up asi have heard many rumours.can any one confirm? Griffin not in the right frame of mind to fight yet?...wandy not ready to fight till next year?...anderson having elbow surgery?...henderson unwilling to fight marquart due to title shot promise?...BJ unwilling to fight abroad as money is not large enough abroad?...thanks
  2. the card is awesome fella.just lacking the cherry on the top though ;(
  3. 2-3 in his last 5 is not great.But come on tell me he's not exciting! and would you grumble if he came to the UFC. for me the morre exciting fighters the UFC has the better!
  4. as long as he has good takedown defence i can't see him getting dominated by anybody out of the top5 his striking ability is awesome and extremely fast
  5. This is MIKE ZAMBIDIS from Greece . He looks out of this world.What do you think?
  6. i'd have to say penn vs florian and swick vs kampmann
  7. FOOKIN YEEEEAHH! over the moon about this news. ever since iv'e become a ufc fan iv'e been longing for this.Anybody with any news at all on how i would get tickets and when they go on sale i'd really appreciate it if you could let us know.
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