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  1. I reckon he'll be on the next TUF series, the one after Chuck vs Tito, as a competitor I mean.He can just cut down to 205 I hear although he can fight a HW as well. TUF12 will be LHW and LW's! He was gonna be on the last HW series until diaries clashed so he ended up as a coach!
  2. People like him because he's put British MMA on the map. TUF9 and it's winners (Pearson, Winner etc) wouldn't have happened it it had not been for him being sooo good. Also he's dead funny and top top guy, you haters make me tired, it's a joke how not many fans overseas give him respect. He got a brutal TKO by Hendo and all of a sudden he can't fight. Machida pulverised Evans, Evans destroyed Liddell but I don't see similar comments about them. He's not quite at the elited level yet but he'll get there, he deserved to win against Wanderlei! Got that all off my chest hahahaha, feels better now haha!
  3. Hey, thanks for the word-up mate, I stand corrected! Love Pearson to bits, really think he has title potential in the years ahead. Also like Etim too, been on a great run of late, and then there's Andre Winner too,defo the UK's strongest weight class!
  4. Etim has already signed to fight Dennis Siver at 112!
  5. He meant that he knows his style off by heart(being such a fan of his) and it's not great psychological preparation to see Silva in is prime in Pride when he was destroying people. I love Bisping but this to me is a 50 50 fight, he only needs to get caught the once and it will thank you and good night. It'll be a massive win for The Count if he can manage it!
  6. I agree Todd Duffee, or maybe Steffan Struve!
  7. Well said mate, totally agree, BISPING IS A LEGEND. Although not sure how good of a film it looks, but good for him to get away for a couple of weeks and switch off before he has to start the hard training for the Wanderlei fight.

    Michael Bisping

    People don't like him overseas because they don't realise that he's joking half of the time when he's supposedly being ****y. He's ****y but is very funny and amusing with it, no way is he arrogant. He was also only being patriotic on TUF9 and being protective towards the UK lads, nowt wrong with that. As well as not getting his humour, I think the controversial Hamill fight also has a lot to do with why some Americans don't like him. That said, I was pleased he was dropped his jokey ****y persona in the post-Kang fight interview, to show more fans that underneath he is a top everyday kind of bloke!
  9. India VS Pakistan at cricket(they've fought over Kashmir for ages and have nearly started a nuclear war against each other. They didn't play each other for several years due to the disagreements between their governments. England VS Australia AT ANYTHING(but esp cricket). Manchester United VS Liverpool- Hatred has engulfed this fixture for the last 10years or more.eg. Liverpool supporters attacked an ambulance once when they knew a Man United player was inside it with a badly broken leg(Alan Smith). Ryder Cup (Golf) USA vs Europe- Take a look at the American celebrations at Brookline to realise how much it means to both teams!
  10. I'm an atheist because it cannot be proven that God/s exists, hence the more scientific approach. My views are very similar to JW's. This isn't a cheap shot, but what is the difference in believing in God and believing in Father Christmas/Santa when we were little? We're asked to believe in this person/ideas that nobody can ever recall seeing? Why do good people die of terrible illnesses if there is a God, leaving their loved ones with their lives forever shattered? I also have problems with the stance that religion/God takes towards homosexuality? I'm not gay, but I believe you're born of that persuasion and should be condemned because of this!
  11. It's defo true cos I even read quotes from Hardy about this. Daley will face the winner in a title shot decider in early 2010 because GSP is out for a while due to the groin surgery. I'd love Hardy to win(being a Brit) but I've seen Swick fight numerous times and he's looked impressive everytime, therefore my head says Swick!
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