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  1. haha oh wow!! Little girls really get upset when their predictions are wrong eh. Or their little butts get all red & sore when a fighter the dont like wins. Booooooo hooooooo Its all excuses bro, Mendez made none, he dont need u making them for him as u wipe away ur tears. So your saying that because he didnt have a full training camp, that meant he didnt have enough cardio to go 1 round??!! 1 round??!! He was beat by the end of the first, he lost, Deal with it! Just like he did. Oh and by the way Comber McGrabber is the unfunniest name I have ever seen on here. Lame. Like u.
  2. Aaaaaah another Bisping fight, a few weeks of people talking crap in the build up, Bispings wins, and then everyone talking crap after Bisping wins. Same old ****! Until the next fight.
  3. Yea thats right box cutter, so I can sink it nice and deep into ur scrawny little neck! Boy!!
  4. Does anyone know the expected date for the results of these tests? How long does it normally take? Sonnens took quite a while if I remember correctly.
  5. Yea and StayGayGE = **** **** extraordinaire.
  6. Yes Im building an Ark u scab, and your mom and sister will be the 2 dogs that I take on board with me. Incoherent thought? What was incoherent about my thought? Id like to use u as a sparring partner for my box cutter!
  7. Meatshagga, how will winning the fight not shut anyone up? We get it, u dont like Biisping yea yea. Now jog on, go chew on a chainsaw!
  8. A lame points win. You can base ya whole career on lame points wins and still get a title shot, just ask Maynard! A wins a win. Bispings speed will be to much for the old man, and hes gonna be more direct this time, hes gonna really want the finish. Pillow fists or not, they'd smash your jaw no doubt.
  9. I always liked W-HORE HEY before but now he's made himself look like a right mug, son! If he loses, WHEN HE LOSES, it'll all be for nothing. Shame. Idiot.
  10. ^^ Your moms got a grey comb-over on her *****
  11. Who cares. All Americans are *****! With a capital ****! The World knows it, and the rest of the world is bigger than America soooooooo, thats the majority. Americans are *****, voted for by the majority. Cant argue that. ***** all of ya.
  12. Ark at u lot of smug little ***** on here, all u do is chat ****. And when Bisping knocks the **** out of W-HORE HEY ur gonna say **** like 'oh he aint the same fighter anymore' or 'he passed his best' or some other pathetic crap to slam on Bisping. Fact is u fight who u get given to fight, his record suggests hes better than u idiots give him credit for, hes a mid level fighter who beats all the other mid level fighters that he fights. Cant say theres any embarassment in that. U ****ING MUGS!
  13. That stupid mother ****er is gonna get that big ole bald head split straight down the ****in middle and skull ****ed til his face fills up with spunk and his beady lil eyes pop out the ****in socket! Wheres ya mouth now 'w-hore hey'????? Aint got much to say face to face have ya 'w-hore hey, ur juz as pathetic as most of the people on this forum. U talk a good fight, but face to face you aint sayin sheeeet. Ur a lil *****. Ur gonna die in the octogon on Saturday, and ur gonna get ur grave pissed on and burnt to pissed stained ashes! "Regrets, he had a few. But then again.. to ****in dumb to realise." Nite Nite W-HORE HEY.
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