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  1. unfortunately, very few of the fighters are actually COACHES. A true coach knows, confidence is a VERY fragile thing, takes quite a while to build UP, but can take just one second to DESTROY! Brock maybe JUST learned this!! Are there times to chew butts, yes. Are there times NOT to chew butts, YES!! Just after a tough loss, is NOT the time. Let emotions settle, and then chew later. The ONLY reason Brock was chewing, was because HE felt like HE loss, and HE was pissed. Coaching is about the athlete, NOT the coach.
  2. GSP during Johnson/Pham fight: up and down micheal, move your head, step to right, pressure on him against fence, tie up his legs, under hook left arm.... Koscheck during fight: he's tired.....he's tired......he's tired......he's tired..... Gee, thanks coach!
  3. koscheck can read. I mean, it was Edinboro after all.
  4. so, is it because GSP is well liked in community, that he is bringing in these "extra" fantastic coaches??? I guess he knew Solbasky, and Gia Siassouri (who I had the "privelege" once of wrestling at an open tourney, and he leg laced me so bad my ankles STILL hurt when I see him).. But last night he had Freddy Roach?!?! Those are three unreal extra coaches!! Did Koscheck have anyone come in? Or, did Roach work with Koscheck too? If not, sucks for the yellow team.
  5. on fighting with a nagging injury, go back and see Tito's advice in epsiode 2 when talking to an injuried fighter. Wonder why he isn't taking his own advice.
  6. I like that he tried to be a good coach. But, it was a bad coaching move. At that point, McKinney was not open to any coaching or instruction. NO athlete would be. Tito did try to be a good coach, I will give that to him. However, it was not a good coaching move, in that McKinney was not in a "place" to be receptive to coaching. Right message at the wrong time. But credit for trying.
  7. lost ALL credibility when you called Neal a "donkey". Hmm, well, FOUR time all-american, TWO time national champion, and WORLD champion. Yea, compared to YOUR wrestling career, Nea'ls probably isn't nearly as good. Neal was one of USA's top heavyweights for years, and you, well, are not. You lose this arguement, badly.
  8. So, were they not close in weights?? Could this have been anymore set up? Yes, Houston is a good striker, but, are you telling me there are no good strikers in the HWT division?? Oh, that is right, Kimbo loses to other fighters in the hwt division. Pushing and bringing Kimbo along is a fraud, nothing more.
  9. Joe Rogan REALLY needs to ask him, after all the talking and jawing he did back and forth with Rashad, why he is NOT fighting?!?!?! I know, I know... he is following his acting career. But, watching him every week saying how he is going to do this and that to Rashad, he should have to explain at the final WHY he is not fighting, so we can hear it from him!
  10. Kimbo this, and Kimbo that. He did hit Roy with "bombs" and Roy stayed up. Dana is pushing so hard to Kimbo be his poster boy. Isn't going to work. Alexander will destroy him, we will hear excuses.... and Kimbo will fade back into Youtube status.
  11. didn't someone else have evidence that it was Jon Madsen in the finals???
  12. "These guys bust there humps to fight on this show." Based on what I have seen so far this year, I would be very hesitant to say these guys 'bust their humps'. Poor cardio, weak fights, boring, out of shape HWs..... Not sure how many humps were busted.
  13. the season even started, that two years ago, TUF had jumped the shark. They kept Junie B on, not because of fighting, because of his personality. They went to the UK and got fighters and put them up against very average US fighters, and now, this season of fighters who are well, you have seen the show. Most real fighters, not internet tough guys, are not as interested in TUF now. There are other organizations and places you can fight and make some money in. 9 years ago, this was the best route into the UFC, but now, you can fight and make money in other places. The pool of talent for the TUF has shallowed up, considerably.
  14. "but both have potential" What are you basing their "potential" on?
  15. In a competative situation, guys are ready to fight quickly, and if it be their teamates, oh well. Schoonover hasn't fought yet, and should be amped up and ready to go. McSweeney has fought and won, sort of, and should be confident and ready to fight again. Most wrestling rooms have a heavy bag in them, so when you get a little past the edge, you go over and take out frustations on the bag, then go back to your partner. It is all about living on the edge.
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