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  1. I think having a first season with all women is a bit risky (unless they have some seriously hot broads), but hell I'll watch.
  2. Exactly. That is probably the #1 reason TUF has started to decline in ratings. It seems like they go for outlandish personalities over talent sometimes.
  3. "Other" is for people who have a more complicated opinion than simply "yes" or "no."
  4. Excellent point. Strikeforce would most likely have to give it completely different name to avoid being sued.
  5. It is an objective opinion based on other recent UFC events. Who would praise the UFC's accomplishments and contributions first if they had an axe to grind? Up and coming from the standpoint of marketing. Lawler hasn't fought in the UFC for a very long time, so to the casual fan (Dana White's bread and butter) Lawler may not be as well known as some lesser UFC fighters coming out of the Ultimate Fighter. Lawler is "up and coming" from a marketing standpoint. I think the "tournament" format works.
  6. There are huge benefits to being on the show though. The Ultimate Fighter alum have been well-marketed by that show. I wonder how that might be magnified on a network like CBS.
  7. Is the UFC really doing that great of a job of scouting though? There are a ton of talented collegiate wrestlers who could probably convert to MMA with the right training. Plus, how many alternates have we seen join the show that turned out not to be much different (talent-wise) from most of the other fighters on the show? Although you could certainly be right about watering down talent, I think it would be a very good idea from a business standpoint. Only a couple fighters from each cast of TUF usually stick around for the long haul anyhow. Most of the others on the show are just cannon fodder.
  8. I believe the best way for Strikeforce to draw in and compete for younger talent is an Ultimate Fighter style reality series on CBS. It might also generate publicity for the league and fighters similar to what the Ultimate Fighter did for the UFC. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/328616-mixed-martial-arts-a-changing-landscape
  9. Wrong. Medicare has driven up the cost of Health Care in part by forcing medical providers to take such huge discounts on such a large population.
  10. You are reaching on this one. No one is more "greedy" than Medicare or Medicaid. They reimburse medical providers at far lower rates than private insurance companies. Also, many secondary plans after Medicare that are available from the private sector (like AARP) will not pay "non-covered" amounts after Medicare. They will only pay co-pays and deductibles because the "non-covered" amounts can be so significant. Medicare is an absolute mess.
  11. The military? I know, seriously. We should just get rid of it altogether. Then we can bend over and take it in the **** from China. lol The military has no bearing on the free market system off of which our country thrived for so very long, but it is an absolutely mandatory program. There are American communities that have considered privatizing payment for emergency services. Is that a more cost-efficient system overall? I don't know. I have never seen it implemented. One thing that sets these systems apart from socialized Health Care is that these are run by smaller entities (states, counties, cities, and towns), which makes them more manageable than a larger-scale federal system. The U.S. Postal Service has been losing tax-payer money for a very long time. When the U.S. Constitution was written. That was very melodramatic. lol Everyone has the right to defend their home. If you want to live, don't break into other people's homes uninvited. I don't have to die or go bankrupt to get surgery. The same is true for the vast majority of Americans. Not simply "the rich." I pay $24 every paycheck (bi-monthly). Less than 50 million Americans do not have insurance... http://www.govspot.com/know/insurance.htm A great many because they choose not to invest in it or because they have not bothered applying for state assistance yet.
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