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  1. Most people don't know who the hell Jason Miller is, so its almost a plus. Miller has been on the Japan circuit for a while now, but it doesn't take away from his talent. He beaet Sauraba, no not in his prime. But Sake is still a tm, and he only fought him to say he was able to do it before that guy was done. Most only know Miller from MTV's Bully Beatdown or or really nothing else. But he's a great fighter. I look forward to him beating Bisbings a$$. No one knows the outcome, but Miller is a good oppponent. Should have been in the UFC sooner.
  2. I remember watching the weigh-ins on HDnet last night, I didn't know the full card yet. I kept thinking "ok, this looks good". Then they announced Mark Hunt and I was like WTF, are you serious? And Mark did much better then big Ben so that also tells you Ben has no place in the UFC. These 2 have no place on a UFC card, especially one we had to pay for. I don't disrespect either of these guys they are doing a job most of us could only dream of or have the talent to do so. And I actually like watching Hunt fight, I've seen him on international cards many times. But there is no place for them in the UFC with as many other good, in shape, and talented fighters with contracts with Zuffa to be overlooked.
  3. I'd just like to congratulate Kenny and Bas on a wonderful accomplishment, having 200 shows is something to be really proud of. And as a community we should be happy this little show on a tiny network made it this far. It really shows how far MMA has come into the mainstream. 200 shows of anything is a great accomplishment, but 200 MMA shows is really something to be proud of. This show has helped us grow from nothing to a sport that is recognized by all major networks. If you doubt the impact of this show you're naive. Thank you Kenny and Bas, you always make me look forward to Friday nights.
  4. Yeah, I saw it a few times last night at Strikeforce as well. Nothing that effected any outcome, but it could of. I've also seen it put doubt in fighters because they are unsure of their footing after slipping repeatedly. Especially for fighters who have a high volume of leg strikes.
  5. No, the quotes are from much smarter men then myself, but thanks. It will take people like you who know about textures of what they might be made of. This isn't a trivial part of fights, I'm sure many outcomes have been effected by this.
  6. How many fighters does it take to slip on mat logos before anyone in charge says "maybe this is a problem"? Obviously the promotion logos for whatever beer, movie, video game that are pasted on the mat are not the same material as the mat canvas. You see fighters over and over slipping only in those places. That's why you always see a trainer spilling a bit of water on the mat before a fight that the fighter dips and drags his feet in, it gives them traction on the mat. But the logos work in an opposing fashion. Even if the fighter didn't wet his feet he'd still slip because of perspiration, humidity, or blood. I don't see it as much in the UFC as I do in smaller organizations, though it does happen. Find a solution, make the logo out of the same material, or do whatever it takes. Because this is a problem that ultimately changes the outcome of fights. A fighter slips coming in and falls and now he's on his back against a grappler or a strikers slips while about to deliver a strong punch but misses. It's a problem that doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with a solution. You'd think Vegas would be all over this because it becomes an unforeseen variable that changes odds. On a side note, Dana White please fire Mauro Ranallo while doing a knockout blow at the same time. Thank you
  7. I'm on 10 so far. But sorry its wine, I've had 2 bottles. One 12 oz beer equals 5 oz of wine. 750 ml's in one bottle of wine, 150 ml's in a glass, 1500 ml's total divided by 150, let's see carry the 1, move the decimal, yep about 10. Math is a bit fuzzy right now. I know the whole wine thing seems abit ghaay but I was stationed in Italy for 2 years and became kind of a wino. Before I lived there I hated wine and used to brew my own beer.
  8. I love mma and I'm sure its because I grew up watching boxing. I can't deny that fact. But I don't see any MMA fighter ducking as many fights as Mayweather. There isn't any boxing like there was In the past, but he seems ditch and dodge fights more then anyone. Am I just payiig to much attn to him? He seems like he'll only pick a fight if the money is right.. seems like a **** to me.
  9. So no one else is going and had to work hard to do so?
  10. So who is lucky enough to go to the UFC fan expo and also attend the fight Saturday night 136? And if you had to do something extreme like selling your kids to get there, share your story here. I'll start it off, I had to convince my wife who hates the sport to buy tickets pick up many extra shifts, find a baby sitter, and act like a perfect husband for a month so she thought she made the decision. She doesn't know I'd sell them all for some tickets (just kidding, well maybe one of the young ones). I'm sure my story is nothing compared to yours.
  11. No one has mentioned this because its not really much of a secret. One of the commentators (can't remember who) kind of mentioned the fact Silva wasn't doing much, just luring his opponent into his game. That's his bread and butter, making opponents fight down to his level, forgetting the game plan they probably worked on for 3 months. The whole first round was a bluff, and Okami fell for it. It's not a bad trait because what they are there to do is win. It might seem ****y, but it's efficient. Only thing I can say is I lost all respect for silva at the middle eastern fight against Damian. I know he is tired of the UFC throwing fights at him that he knows he'll win. But he forgot about the people that support him and makes him famous. I was pissed I paid to see him act like an azz. But I'm giving him a chance and he seems different since Dana put a boot up his azz letting him know he'd drop him in a second if he pulled that again. The UFC doesn't need him, he needs them though.
  12. I agree 100%, infact I think Miller should have won the fight. Round 1) obviously miller loses Round 2) Palhares continually grabs cage, warned by ref 3 times, and still does it again. Should have been deducted 1 point for a 10-8 round Round 3) both were fatigued but Miller had a bit better striking. Obviously there have been far worse decisions, but that's my opinion. And if you heard the judges scores it was shocking. It seemed like all they focused on was Palhares jumping up on the cage in round one. And if you really watched at the end of round two he heard the bell and intentionally kept striking. Herb Dean had to pull him off Miller. The eye poke was not his fault and the ref didn't say stop so I don't fault him for that. I think it was the best fight on the card.
  13. We all know we don't like Hamill, know he's not good enough for the UFC, and have been shon he has a weaknesses. But give the guy a break, he caan help that hee talk like that ha. I was happy too when he got ktfo. He could have one leg, one arm, and couldn't see. I'd route against him. Going to hell and happy for the heat, be there with Hendrix and Morrison.
  14. I don't feel dumb at all, probably 90% of people thought Tito was going to lose. But anything can happen in MMA, but if i'd been in Vegas I would have lost a lot of money.
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