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  1. The fight was pretty fast paced. Its not like they were just standing there. Or is it a deeper issue of fans not respecting flyweights as fighters because they are too small?
  2. Do you think the judges see Frankie land some good shots but more impressed with the power of Bendo. You know how Bendo overemphasizes his kicks and stuff. Like the power and size difference?
  3. Why would they do this? Most people are home by 10 pm?
  4. The only top fighter there is GSP but he isnt fully healed yet. The only other guy is maybe Francis Carmont or Loiseau?
  5. Its finally over for him right? No possible scenario will allow him to get any title shots anymore?
  6. If I am not mistaken Fabers stock has decreased over the last couple years due to big loses and many fans actually resent him for getting many title shots. Do you think this Fabertism is finally over now? Hes out of the picture for good at both 135 and 145?
  7. He would have won if he kept it on the feet and did his thing but he kept during weird half takedown attempts. And he laughed after the fight was over. What is wrong with him?
  8. Most fighters cut about 20 pounds. ie: Most WW walk at 190. Its the same as 135 cutting to 115.
  9. Yes they are smaller than average. But if you take for example a 115 pound division. These guys are probably cutting from 135 which is the weight of the average small guy in society. They are not anorexic or midgets like people are saying.
  10. It seems countless events are ruined by injuries. More than in the past. Do you think fighters get some sort of compensation if they are hurt so they just take it?
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