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  1. I don't see the LVAC allowing it for saftey reasons. It would be nice to see though.
  2. ...Can you please explain why the UFC facebook page is now easier to find than the fantasy page? I mean come on. If the fantasy section is in a new obvious place that I am overlooking please let me know and I will gladly stand corrected. Just sayin, please make the fantasy page, and even the forums back in the easily findable top banner. Thank you.
  3. And it only took him 5 years to face a legit contender. Werdum isn't even in the same league as Cain, JDS, Brock, Shane, or Mir. I don't blame Fedor though. It's his fans claiming he is the best in the world when even he knew he wasn't anymore. (you can tell obviously from his massive drop in worthy opponents) Werdum just proved what many of us have known for years. Fedor of today isn't the fedor of 8 years ago. Sorry dude. I think he would have had a shot at staying on top if he kept challenging himself instead of beating champs from years back, no names, and people that just look big.
  4. I would agree with you but I don't think he wants anything to do with the top 5 in the UFC right now. You got 2 giants(Carwin/Lesnar) about to lock horns, neither of which do I feel like we have seen the best of. Then you got 2 rising stars(JDS/Cain), again not sure what either of them have hidden that they are waiting to use. That's 4 wildcards in the top 5. They would all love a win over Fedor and I feel like atleast 2/5 of them would be able to do it. Would Fedor be a force in the UFC? Sure would. But I don't think he would be top dog.
  5. You can't look at who has come out of a camp successful and base your choice on that. You have to look at who's coaches and trainers match up best with your skillset. If you were looking to be a wrestling based semi striker, Jackson's camp is the place for you. If you want to be more muay thai based they wouldn't be much help though and you would probably find more help at Sityodong or Wand or Blackhouse. These are just examples of course not trying to be too specific. But your camp choice should be based on your skillset.
  6. Jardine hasn't really had an easy fight in his UFC career and he did some pretty amazing stuff. I mean sure Anderson kinda dwarfed his win over Griffin with that blow out, but TKOing him isn't an easy task. And I know the 3 KOs on Liddell in a row made it look pretty easy, but hanging with Chuck isn't easy either, especially after getting KTFO'd by a guy like Houston. He won over Vera, who has some nice names under him too. Sure he has had a rough go of it, but he has fought a lot of top contenders and broke even. He isnt top dog by any means, but if he starts getting fights out of top 5 contenders, we will see him winning again.
  7. Yeah because wikipedia is a sound source. lol. I am talking about if he said it in an interview, on video, or anything else. I mean we know how much Dana likes to address the public, so surely news as big as making the undefeated champ give up his belt for being too good has to be out there somewhere besides wikipedia...
  8. Back to the original post, how about Chuck? I mean I know he won't be cut but if he loses to Rich, he has to start thinking about stepping away from it, right?
  9. I would like to see a link where Dana said he has to give up his belt when he moves up to 205.
  10. Lol, you think if he jumps weight they are gunna take his belt? Nope. He will keep his 185 belt and pursuit the 205 belt, defending the 185 whenever there is a clear cut number 1 contender.
  11. He can make threats all day long, but I know he wouldn't do it. Kick a possible pound for pound champ for acting like a fool? Nope, Dana is a motivator. He says he will boot him to scare him into not doing it again. If it doesn't work and he does do it again, Dana will take his gold. Still doesn't work? Then I can see him getting booted. Good news is Chael isn't gunna say "I'm taking his leg home with me" so we shouldn't have to worry about that.
  12. Lol, nice logic. I have been gone from the US for the last 48 days so sorry if my news isn't up to date, I reckon that's what I am doing now. But I will get back to you when I feel I am worthy to talk MMA with you. Lmao. Get over yourself.
  13. There is no way Guida will get cut. Silva either. Silva might get his title stripped if he keeps that **** up. But he will still be in the UFC. By the way, did you notice you capitalized every word in your post? 'Cause it's kinda ridiculous.
  14. Everyone is always gettin down on Jardine man. Don't get me wrong his style brings about the point that he is either gunna win big or lose big. It brings about 50-50. But look at some of the names on his belt; Vera, Liddell, Griffin, Gouveia. His last 3 losses were to some pretty tough contenders. Thiago Silva, who has been closer to title contention than Jardine has. Rampage Jackson, former UFC champ and all around mammoth of a man. And Ryan Bader, who I believe will be top 5 atleast, possibly even make a run at the belt(I think Shogun has him beat, but who knows who will have the belt by the time he gets up there). Next on the chopping block in my eyes would be Kimbo tbh. I know he has a huge following but it's going to get to a point where people are just buying pay per views to watch him get smashed. He is a great guy but not UFC worthy skill-wise.
  15. I was with you til the last paragraph. My grandpa couldn't read at all but he was still one of the smartest people I have ever met. Not book smart of course but there are -many- different forms of intelligence. He could strip down and rebuild a car himself. He built his own home, lived to be 96. You dont have to be book smart, just have common sense. But I still must say.. +1 Kos and GSP will make for an exciting series followed by a legit fight. Also I will bet neither of these guys will back out *cough*Tito*cough*
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