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  1. I believe that they say that if you are fighting under the influence of pot that you can withstand much more punishment than what you would be able to take under normal conditions.
  2. hmm being as he said NAME fighters....I would assume he means guys that you dont have to look up...just sayin
  3. just becuase you are 15 and live in mommy's basement doesnt make him an old man...he is 32 and in his prime homie
  4. hmm...18-1 and the former champ.....yeah you know what your talking about!!!
  5. this....and to be honest the conversation should end.....its not even close. not that anything else mentioned are not worthy....but that fight was one in a million
  6. So basically what he is saying is that Bisping is going to lose his next fight?
  7. he didnt say anything that wasnt true
  8. I just thought he was a boy scout!!!!
  9. he has one loss and is about to fight for the title a second time...suck it hater
  10. how is he over rated? he had only lost once.....jesus you people and your hate
  11. The point is that the Bonus is a knock out bonus.....not great exciting fight bonus.....what happens if Frank went out and knocked CC out cold in 37 seconds and that was the only knock out of the night? He would have gotten the bonus.....but was that an exciting fight? no it didnt last long enough.....but it still coulda been a lucky knee..... fact is Dana is VERY unprofessional.....in many aspects of his job. He holds grudges, cusses like a sailor, and play favorites like there is no tomorrow. Frank should have recieved the bonus....100%....but is anyone here really all that surprised that Dana is being a jagoff about it? Par for the course if you ask me.
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