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  1. I think it will all depend on whether or not A.Silva will renew his contract or at least extend it. I think they UFC believe Belfort has the best chance to dethrone Silva in the middleweight division. Alot might also depend on the results of Machida/Shogun fight...just my opinion.
  2. Just wondering about the return of the Phenom and if UFC has stated his first fight back? Any news would be appreciated.
  3. as i stated before...if i heard it from gsp...so here goes. I was wrong! props to hardy
  4. after sleeping on it...anyone feel different?
  5. i believe he did escape the armbar...just not the kimura. doesn't really matter though when it comes down to it, he still lost. big props to him for the effort and heart he showed though
  6. Some people just don't understand integrity...in the cage or on these forums. That is why I rarely post on here.
  7. yes he wanted to win...but not at the expense of breaking Hardy's arm...that is all I am saying
  8. So using tons of profanity makes you a real man and a mma expert huh. yeah i bet you are a cage fighter because you know how to drop the f-bomb. sorry for having a different opinion than you...my bad
  9. I would just like to commend GSP for not breaking Hardy's arm. Everyone knew he could have finished the fight. Just as was said elsewhere on the forum...GSP looked at the ref for stoppage because he didn't want to break the kids arm. That was a stand-up move on his part to let go of the submission even though it cost him the finish.
  10. You beat me to it..I was going to say that most fights that Leben wins are KO's on the verge of getting knocked out himself....crazy Also the Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan...unbelievable finish to make Silva tap out
  11. TBH I never knew much about Fedor until a year ago when I was bored and looking at fight videos on youtube. I have to admit, I was amazed at talent he showed in the ring. After Brock's recent shenanigans I was one of the hopeful fans wanting to see Fedor come to the UFC and destroy the beast that is Brock Lesnar. That being said I was extremely taken back by the his choice to not "take the money" and step up to the challenge of fighting higher caliber talent...I personally think it was fear but maybe ethics or something else was involved. After such a long introduction, I can finally get to my question... If Strikeforce bombs/collapses do you think Fedor has no other options but to sign with UFC or do you see him retiring or going to another small time promotion?
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