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  1. Tjinjatu

    Korean Necktie

    During the show yesterday Rogan said someone might be setting up a Korean Necktie or something similar to that. I know my quote is a bit vague but i was wondering if anyone knows what this is? I know a peruvian necktie but thats it...
  2. I agree with Little_Kang. My friend served Kyle Noke in a shop one day and said he was a complete wank! He wouldn't stop talking about how he's a UFC fighter and then went on to give her (my friend) a hard time because she didn't know who he was. So in short he's a ****** bag. Te Anu? Never heard of him but if he's got the "maori spirit" then he's obviously not Australian. G-Sot is solid though! I hope he comes out with the W this weekend.
  3. Tjinjatu

    The Can-Opener

    Cool thanks man. Yeah i figure its not a very useful move hence why we never see it but i was just curious seeing as its illegal in BJJ.
  4. Tjinjatu

    The Can-Opener

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but is the can-opener illegal in the UFC or MMA in general? Thanks.
  5. Hey guys im just wondering if anyone is familar with the gym "Dynamic Mixed Martial Arts"? Its on Cambie street and was wondering if its any good before i join up? I also saw Universal MMA in downtown and heard its good but its a bit pricey. Cheers.
  6. Where can i see this footage? Im in Australia and dont have pay tv or anything. Is it on youtube or something?
  7. Thats irrelivant. Hong Man Choi has even less skill then Bob Sapp. Must of us on these forums could probably beat him. He is only in DREAM because he's massive and retarded. (by the way im not saying Fedor would lose)
  8. Thanks guys. Yeah i know the theory of how to do it but im just terrible at it I'll check out that video when i get home seeing as my stupid work computer blocks any videos! Thanks again.
  9. So i cant slip punches at all!!!! Of course i know it takes years of practice but in the disciplines i train (Muay Thai and HKD) i haven't learnt how to do it at all. This year im devoting most of my time to BJJ and Wrestling so i was wondering if anyone could tell me where you start? Are there some beginner drills or something i can do to try and learn how to slip because at this moment i dont have the time to go to a boxing coach? Any help would be great. Cheers
  10. Another useless thread. What could have been a nice conversation about tactics and so on it is instead a waste of time. Thanks for nothing. Feel free to crap on my future threads i find it such a joy
  11. Ok yes, JKVD has now made this thread cool. Now thats been established does anyone actually have any thoughts on the beautiful finish Smith set up?
  12. Ok so i know this fight was a while ago but i really just wanted to give my props to Scott Smith! I mean i loved watching Cung Lee since i grew up doing TKD and HKD but since moving towards MMA i've learned that the fancing kicks dont really work. Well of course you can catch someone but Cung Lee just gassed himself out from all those kicks which didnt finish the fight. Anyway thats besides the point. I just loved during the fight i noticed that Cung Lee kept slipping Scotts right by going low and to his left. And he did it evertime Scott threw the right. Then Scott throws the feignt and what do you know, Scott finds himself standing above Cung Lees head and he delivers a killer left hook!!!! I just really like the way he didnt win by a flook hit. He won from setting up and intelligent strike. Props to him!!!
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