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  1. MeatRo

    Bisping info?

    And again... Bisping did not win the first round. Some of the scoring rules: There are two ways of measuring strikes: -the total number of clean strikes landed (more efficient) -the total number of heavy strikes landed (more effective) Octagon Control 1. The fighter who is dictating the pace, place and position of the fight. Effective Aggressiveness 1. This simply means who is moving forward and finding success.(scoring) 2. Throwing a strike moving backwards is not as effective as a strike thrown moving forward. If 90% of the round were standing. Thus: -clean striking would be weighed first (fighter most effective) -clean grappling second (any takedowns or effective clinching) -octagon control which fighter maintained better position? Which fighter created the situations that led to effective strikes? A Judge may determine a round was dominating if a fighter was adversely affected by one of the following: -knocked down from standing position by clean strike
  2. MeatRo

    Brock vs Mir

    Nothing should happen to either of them. Lesnar should get exactly what he got.. Apologize for the way he acted. Because of the sponsor, and that's the only reason. I don't necessarily agree with what he said and honestly I don't know why he'd do it. But I'd say let it go this time - maybe give him some much tougher opponents in the future, because let's face it.. He's done his part. If he's gonna bring WWE fanboys to the UFC, they're here by now. No need to keep parading him around like he's the king of all MMA. It's time to really test him now. As for Henderson, absolutely nothing should happen. No apology, no fine, no suspension. The bottom line for that one is the ref didn't stop it. Did he do it on purpose? More than likely, hell, that's probably why he leaped instead of walked/ran.. No chance for the ref to stop him mid-air. Still, it hadn't been stopped, and the fight's not over until then. May seem like a loophole to some, but them's the rules and they's like that for a reason. Bisping's a big boy.. If he can blab his mouth like a big boy, he can take an extra shot like one.
  3. Like it was said.. CroCop's just built too big to drop that much. I totally understand this.. I weigh 200lbs, I'm 6'4" and if I dropped 15lbs. God, I'd be nothing but skin and bones. I think moving up and down weight classes is more for people who are built like wrecking balls.. Like Hendo. That can drop 15-20lbs and still be a brute. The solution to all this, also like it's been said, is another weight class. Or special rules like PRIDE had, where if there was a significant weight difference (MW/MW & 22lbs, MW/HW & 22lbs or HW/HW & 33lbs) then there are no knees/kicks to the face of an opponent on all fours... Unless the smaller guy agreed to it. Of course it couldn't be that system since there are no knees to a downed opponent period in UFC. But they should either figure something out or add a SHW division, and again, like PRIDE.. Let HW/SHW matchups happen if the fighters agree to them.
  4. MeatRo

    Bisping info?

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Bisping outscored Hendo in R1? No. No he didn't. Bisping about got KTFO in the first 60-90 seconds of the fight. Absolutely nothing he was doing was effective. That's why all he could think to do the rest of the time was circle, jab, run, circle, jab, run. If Henderson comes in, flail the arms like a rock'em sock'em robot and get the hell outta there. Rounds are scored by EFFECTIVE striking.. If I poke you in the stomach like the Pillsbury doughboy 20 times and you punch me in my jaw just about dropping me 3-4 times.. I would say you won that round.
  5. I gotta pick Forrest... Just cuz I like the guy and I love watching him fight. Silva has a very good chance of winning, but he'd best be ready for a war to do it.
  6. A lot of professional wrestlers would make awesome MMA fighters. Those guys are huge, athletic, I'm guessing most with backgrounds in wrestling.. You know if they can practice and get all those WWE moves down, they could easily hit the gym and train for some BJJ and muay thai. There you have it, Dana. Last time it was PRIDE.. The next major purchase for Zuffa.. The WWE.
  7. MeatRo

    Henderson vs Bisbing

    Bisping has potential to being a top MW contender? Except there's people like Anderson Silva in there. And there's people like Dan Henderson in there. And there's people like Wanderlei in there. And plenty of people have the option of going into there, like Franklin. Bisping hasn't even been a top 10 in the MW.. Just like someone said, they'll toss him a couple of bones and then throw him back in there with the big dogs to get pummeled on again. Overall though, it's all working out for the UFC.. They kept watch over Bisping long enough to keep him away from the top guys and get more people from the UK. I think the guys up top had this in mind for a couple years now.. As soon as he won TUF, Dana said "dude.. I have an idea." The rest is history and the wall was breached.
  8. MeatRo

    Fedor vs. Brock

    I don't think it's over if it goes to the ground, for a couple reasons. Look at Lesnar/Couture and how much trouble Brock had with Couture on the ground. Amplify that because Fedor is much more active on the ground, Couture got back up several times. You can lay on Fedor, but he's not gonna just sit there like other people Brock's faced.. He's constantly trying to get out, whether you're hitting him or not. Yeah.. Brock's a very skilled wrestler. So is Fedor.. National and World champion combat sambo wrestler. Next, submissions. Every time Lesnar puts his fist down there, Fedor's looking to catch it, and as soon as he's got it he's looking for the submission. He's always looking for submissions.. He's like Mir, except doesn't curl up in a little ball on the ground. Does anybody really thing Lesnar wants to stand up with Fedor? Mir got him with a knee and stunned him for a second. Fedor sees there's a chance you might almost be about to maybe kinda wobble a little bit and he's all over it with heavy hands and it's over. I think Fedor would test just about everything Brock has to offer.. Fast pace, strength, ground game, chin, submissions and as soon as Lesnar slipped in one of those areas, it'd be a quick finish.
  9. MeatRo

    Frank Mir.

    I don't think he thought he'd curl up into a ball and get TKO'd. Which he has a tendency to do.
  10. Gotta agree with Kang about Aleksander also. That one would be right up there with Carwin, watching Lesnar getting TKO'd would be a fun day.
  11. Fedor. Everybody's going on about how Lesnar is too big for Fedor and Fedor's a tiny HW. I don't think that matters, what happened to Mir wouldn't happen to Fedor, Brock wouldn't sit there and just lay on him throwing punches.. Fedor's way too active in the guard, even while getting smashed in the face, he catches one of those arms and it's over. That would be the only problem with Fedor beating Lesnar, we'd have to see a bunch of rematches because all we'd hear is "Fedor knows I gave him that arm bar." every time. Minotauro could do it, maybe. He could stand up and box Lesnar much better than Mir did and like Fedor, Lesnar would have to be a whole lot more careful while on the ground. It'd be the same as with Fedor, though.. Only a decision and Lesnar constantly *****ing about a bad one. Carwin could do it and I think he'll have the first shot at it. All he's gotta do is show up Cain, which I believe he can also do. It's good that he's nice and pissed off at Lesnar at the moment also. Adds a little bit to all that. Plus it'd be nice to see Lesnar get KTFO. Barnett - Nope.
  12. What I really don't understand is this... Ok, you're a Lesnar fan. Can't take anything away from the guy, he destroyed Frank Mir. Nothing less, he went in there and mauled the guy, backed up everything he'd said prior. He's a hell of an athlete and loves to fight. However, what's so hard to comprehend about this.. Man, it's a new sport that's trying to grow. It's illegal in many places, looked down upon by other sports and all the UFC is trying to do is legitimize it as an actual sport. It's not just entertainment, you're not gonna see Minotauro/Mir vs Couture/Carwin in a ladder match for the tag team championship. You're going to see two people go into a cage and display skills that some have worked their entire lives to hone. Of course you're also going to see people who are just natural born fighters, tanks of human beings or just have an insanely powerful punch and an iron jaw... Just like any other sport, there's walk ons. Guys that never played football in their lives who have a knack for running extremely fast and catching a ball. Either way, it's a sport and they're competitors. Even more it's a sport in its infancy fighting to be recognized as a sport. Point being, why on Earth would you try to take away from that? Why would you want to set MMA as a sport back, especially while at the same time you're talking about how much you want to be a fighter? It's ok to be ****y, Frank Mir talked a whole lotta nonsense. I was torn on who to go for in this fight because both of them were talking madness (of course I took Lesnar by (T)KO, but that's just logic)... There's tons of ****y fighters, to an extent, every one of them are ****y. But at the same time, there's a line in the sand.. You can be ****y all the way up to that line and it's not a problem. As soon as you cross that line, you're against us on your own. What Lesnar did after that fight is completely unacceptable, he went back after Mir, went after the fans and even went after the sponsors. Why stunt the growth of the UFC and MMA as a whole? Look at UFC 99, there was so much going around about whether Germany would appreciate MMA as a sport or not. That's only one country, Brock. You weren't the brightest kid in school, so I don't expect you to know how many countries are in Europe, but there's a lot of them. Just know a couple of things.. 1.) Where your goddamn paycheck comes from. If I go into work and talk to the customers like they're a bunch of morons and then go on to tell them how horrible the products are.. I'm either going to get fired or driven out. 2.) Where your future lies. You came to the UFC because that's all you had. You didn't want to fake wrestle anymore and let's face it, the UFC is the only place you're going to make similar amounts of money. Throw this away and you'll be over in Japan learning Japanese laws the hard way and how well PRIDE/DREAM pay "foreign contractors".
  13. Exactly what I've thought. He did a great job at it, but still.. A sub-par fighter who won't be winning any belts anytime soon, if ever. But like I said, he did a good job as a gateway to the UK. There's some good fighters over there and at least Bisping showed that to us. As for what's next for Bisping.. Might wanna go back to the factories and see if he can get his old job back. If anything, put a huge chunk of that money he made away in case he doesn't get any more high profile fights. But really, put him in there with someone that could match his style.. Good boxing, just give him someone with KO power since all he does is bounce around looking for the decision. Patrick Cote would definitely be a good one, Wanderlei, Sonnen, Leitas, Maia, Marquardt.. Except all of those guys would beat his ****. Like I said, Mikey.. Back to the factories.
  14. Nah, let him keep his contract. But go get Fedor.
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