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  1. HAHA, that was my first post here. I guess I should have re read what I wrote because I didnt really mean to say Dan and Ken were anywhere near the same league. Ken is extremely washed up, but was great back in the day. I simply meant Dan was great in Pride and hasnt lived up to his reputation as much as I hoped he would. He is getting up there in age. That was the only point I was trying to make there. I still hope Dan beats Bispings **** and I'm sure he can do it. I just hope it turns out that way.
  2. The facts about this season of the Ultimate Fighter can't really go unnoticed can they? Here?s what I know and what I think... The UFC is trying to promote real heavy in the UK, so what do they need? A show where the UK easily wins. Hence this seasons ultimate fighter, where the athletes are prepared and ready to take the US down. The US team is lacking in almost every way. The UK got the best guys they could find and gathered up some bottom line US fighters to guarantee the UK's wins. I think it's a lame way to do business, but I guess it's what is going to happen. Also... Michael Bisping as a coach??? Are you kidding me? Name one big name fighter he's gone against and won? The answer... NONE. Sure he's won fights, but against no name fighters. Now he's paired up with Dan Henderson... ok... not bad, but Dan is getting old and has lost a number of fights. It's kind of like fighting Ken Shamrock. Almost anyone can win against him now. He's getting old. Sleeping pills, my ****. He didn't show because he knew his fighter was going to lose. And the mouth piece comment. He was yelling at the ref to call the match. What a crap way to try to win a fight. I guess he will take a win anyway he can get it. Anyone remember the Hamill fight? I really hope USA pulls out more wins and I hope Dan puts a beating on Michael, but it's unlikely. They are going to say Dan is the favorite, but statistically I think it's just a way to make Michael look better than he really is. If he's that great he should be fighting A list fighters. The truth is, that won?t happen for a long time because again.... It's all about promoting in the UK. Canada is next and I?m guessing we are going to see the same thing all over again. So my predictions are UK will win and so will Bisping... How unfortunate.
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