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  1. Serra took the first, Hughes took the second, and the third really could have went to either one. I'm not a judge, and I wasn't watching the fight with a judges' eye. If they think Hughes outdid Serra, then that's the call and that's that. Personally, I wanted Hughes to knock Serras' lights out.
  2. So what happens if Forrest upsets the Spider? The universe asplodes. Seriously, though? I would be happy as a pig in shiat. I dig Griffin alot. Hardly anyone is giving him a snowball's chance in hell in this fight, but I think he has the tools and the mentality to get it done.
  3. I'm disappointed, really. Faulkner was one of my picks to make it to the end, along with Johnson from the US. Losing by decision, I can take. Losing by knockout or stoppage from the ref I can take. Quitting? I can't respect that. Faulkner, I'm sure you are a good mate and I like you from what I have seen of you on the show, but I'll not pick you in a fight again until you show some heart. You acted like you didn't even want to be out there, man. This is a DREAM opportunity. You don't just give up on that, unless you aren't burning for it on the inside.
  4. We'll probably never see Tito in the UFC again. I would like to see him keep fighting, though. He's got tremendous talent and is an intelligent fighter. The question is what drives him. The guy has a dream life right now. Why get back into the care and risk another back injury?
  5. Bisping v Henderson is my favorite match on a very awesome card.
  6. I like Evans, but he's no Anderson Silva. Not by a country mile.
  7. Spencer Fisher has arguably the best "heart" of any fighter in the UFC, in my humble opinion. He also has a pretty impressive win/loss ration.
  8. Glad to see a few of you agree with me about Tito. Say what you want about the guy, but he was a class act on TUF 3 as a coach. i think he has a future in training/running gyms if he wants it. By contrast, I think TUF 3 had the worst all time coach in Shamrock. The guy has built a career off of a me-me-and-me mentality, and his coaching was no different. Self absorbed, out of touch, and just disinterested in what was at stake for the young men in his care.
  9. Simple premise here. Who do you think has been the best TUF coach thus far? My vote goes to Tito Ortiz. The guy got in there and worked with his boys. He showed them tricks and techniques that he had learned over the years through his own experiences. He sweated with them. He treated them like he cared about them. Hell, they were ready to go toe to toe with Shamrock for him when the coaches got into an argument in the gym. He earned their respect through hard work and caring, and gave all he had to make sure that they succeeded. Not to mention that he had a sense of humor and was well spoken. Tito was a great communicator on the show. He was an engaging and active teacher, and kept people interested when he was talking. He also trained the hell out of those boys. Most of his crew by seasons end stated how their cardio had improved so much while under him. Overall, I think Tito was just a phenominal coach. What are your thoughts?
  10. Rampage won't win against Machida on his feet. There are few who could, with only Anderson Silva coming immediately to mind. If Jackson beats Machida, it will be through bull rushing him to the ground and hammering on him from the mount. It is the only way to get strikes on Machida. Lyoto has never lost a round in the UFC, according to the handy little poll on the main site, and the reason for that is because no one lands any shots going toe to toe with him. You can't bang with a snowflake.
  11. Jeff, you blimey ginger! Get well and over those lung issues so we can see you again, man. I love watching you in the house and in the octagon, and look forward to seeing you in action again soon.
  12. Danjo

    BrocK LesnaR

    I don't like Lesnar. I don't like his attitude. I don't like how he has been treated prefferentially by Dana in getting a title shot so soon. Hell, I don't even like the way he looks. Having said all that, he is going to be a beast once he gets some more experience under his belt. Mir will beat him in their match, but it will be the last loss that Lesnar has for a while.
  13. Danjo

    Kongo v.s. Carwin

    Carwin will beat Kongo. Kongo has been described as a gatekeeper of sorts for the UFC heavyweight division, and that still **lds true I believe. Carwin will be champ within a few years t**ugh. No one has the answer to what he brings to the table. He would rock Mir, out-think Lesnar and Crazy**rse... One fight that I would love to see t**ugh is Fedor and Carwin.
  14. **ly shiat, what kind of board is this....
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