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  1. Dan Henderson has him beaten with 7.
  2. Only BJ Penn knows what he really wants. I think it's very disappointing though. He is without a doubt one of the greatest and most talented fighters but he doesn't take the sport of MMA seriously anymore. I love BJ Penn but I think he should just retire.
  3. I think they should just let him fight Anderson Silva. Does he deserve it? Hell no but it would be hilarious and a great new years present to watch Bisping get ko'd in r1 and taken out of the title hunt for good.
  4. It's always nice to have somebody else to go to an event with but it's probably still worth it especially for such an awesome card. You see so many fighters and celebrities at those events. The best way to meet them is just chill at the hotel bar ot in the lobby and you will see many of them. I was so excited at my first UFC event I got to meet Anderson Silva and Tom Brady and was pumped. There is nothing quite like a live UFC event. You should def go!
  5. TornHonor

    Maia Will NEVER..

    Maia has no chance in hell at taking down GSP. This post is completely retarded. I doubt Maia will even fight GSP. He has at least 2-3 more wins until he gets a title shot.
  6. You are right about Forrest but to say the fight wouldn't be competitive is absurd. Jon Jones didn't look that great against Vitor Belfort in my opinion and Silva only needs one shot to win it. You can never count out a fighter like Silva even if the odds do favor Jones a little bit.
  7. lol that's probably exactly what would happen. The truth of the matter is the only reason the fight hasn't happened is because GSP doesn't want it to. Dana White and Silva have said multiple times they would like it to happen. If GSP was that confident he would take it. If he wants to regain the top p4p spot again he needs to defeat Silva.
  8. First I am a fan of both fighters but I seriously don't think this fight would be competitive at all. There is no indication of how GSP would even do at MW. I don't even think he could beat Vitor or Chael let alone Silva. It would most likely be 2 minutes of Silva trolling GSP before he knocked him out. I would much rather see Silva vs Bones and let GSP have a fight at MW against somebody like Alan Belcher to test the waters.
  9. Height means ****. I wouldn't be shocked at all to see a 5'2 250lbs hooker knock out a 6'0 165lbs pimp lol.
  10. Doesn't even need to land a big shot to be honest. Anything he landed would work.
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