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  1. wow i expected better mate! i think you guys still lead the pack on serial killers
  2. hmm but how many of our kids and movie goers get blasted with automatic weapons? the odd policeman here and there yes! if it keeps me safe and i have nothing to hide who cares!
  3. We banned guns in the UK does that mean we don?t have gun crime? No but it?s harder to get a gun so you don?t end up with retards walking into places and killing everyone! We changed at a time where it was possible its way too late for America. Is America going to change the way it is in the next few years NO! It would take decades of work and it?s not something the Yanks are interested in, this is today?s news tomorrow the US will have something else to worry about and it will move on. Shame the parents of those poor kids won?t be able to.
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