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  1. I?m a Silva?s fan and i saw Sonne kickked his ****. Siva?s wons the fight, but Sonnen kick his ****. I was impressed with Sonnen.
  2. are you serious ? is too early with only 5-1 i prefer Stephan Bonnar for the Hall of fame
  3. I am a fan of Cain but i think only Carwin could win Lesnar.
  4. Hi guys ! I never respect to Lesnar as a fighter, but now, Lesnar have all my respect, i think he never would win this fight... and he did it with a great cardio. I think nobody can take the HW belt... my idol is Cain Velasquez but Lesnar is a beast and i think Lesnar wins again.
  5. elcanario

    Overeem in the UFC

    Wooww if Overeem signs in ufc it would be amazing !, any fitgh that you mention in the poll!! also i think in Cain Velasquez, no one remember the future HW champion ??? hehehe Anyways i voted by a Overeem vs Frank Mir
  6. elcanario

    War machida

    I?m a Machida fan, and i think Shogun just destroyed him the last saturday, but we must remember that Machida only have one lose, i?m sure Machida will come back, more faster, more stronger and more experimented by the last lose from Shougun. I think both fighters are amazing and the LHW is the best thanks to guys like shogun, machida, rapage, sugar, bones, bader... etc etc I love this weigh hehehehe. Congratulations to the Shougun fans, incredible fight guys.
  7. Yeah, but two days ago i read a declaration form Dana White saying that if Anderson beat?s Sonnen and Belfort, he will be moved at the 205 lhw because the MW would be cleaning, but 2 figths is looooong time!. Imagine that, Rampage wins Rashad, and we could get two rematch?s fights, Rampage vs Shogun ( Jackson lost in pride ) and Rashad vs Shogun, i am not really sure about the best combination
  8. I think UFC needs Anderson Silva in 205 to make the best wiegh class ever... think about it: Shogun, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Bader, Sugar, Rapamge... incredible, the guy who have the tittle in a division like that would be the real ppp of the world
  9. I think lyoto come back, probably with the loser from rampage vs sugar, or something similar. In my opinion Lyoto had a big mistake after throw the body knee, and this mistake was the fight. Wiold be very interesting to see Anderson in the LHW, he said that he didn?t fight with lyoto by his friendship, but now the champion is Shogun and it wold the WAR of the decade, we need this fight !
  10. Beat Bj penn is not easy !!! i think Edgar retain the tittle for a lon while... around 3 or 4 fights
  11. I think it would be Kenflo. I?m really happy with the victory of Edgar, long time ago i was in this forum praying for Edgar?s tittle shot !.
  12. I lost respect for anderson and i don?t understand his way... it?s really rare
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