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  1. Rules are Rules. If your boss tells you no weed then don't smoke weed. Your like the opposite of Bob Marley. Sit down bow down sit down and follow the rules!!!
  2. ****ty cards make me want a week off sometimes. I'd rather have 2 stacked cards a month than 4 half **** cards a month.
  3. Ninjas Vs Spartans who wins Deadliest Warrior already determined this... Spartan searches for ninja walks past Ninja in tree Ninja jumps out of tree and sneaks up on Spartan and steps on a ****ing branch alerting Spartan.. Fight begins.. What kind of a Ninja steps on a branch? Such bull****. My deadliest warrior reenactment would go like this. Ninjas recruit beautiful ****s teach them the way of the ninja. **** the Spartans to sleep then slit their throats. Ninjas win.
  4. Ninjas Vs Spartans who wins.. Who's hotter Selma Hayek or Halle Berry Favorite Martial art film Favorite MMA fighter All Time and current Favorite Boxer All Time and Current
  5. Weidman_the_Goat on Sunday July 7 2013! You mad Bro... Anderson on July 7 2013
  6. Anderson No one really. Anyone who flags and gets butthurt GSP Weidman.. Any white fighter that fights Anderson gets the Merica fans all excited. Its funny to watch. Pettis/Aldo I was really excited for Gil Vs Bendo even went to the fight but no fireworks thought Gil won 1,2 and 5.
  7. Off into the sunset hopefully.. Maybe let him fight Vitor thats the fight he really wants.
  8. Conor might get L&P'd on like Pettis did.. I think Pettis did more off his back than Clay did on top. I remember Bas saying the same thing on Inside MMA.
  9. put padding over finger tip, reduces damage from eye pokes That would be like when boxers thumb their opponent in the eye. The padding doesn't help. Padding doesn't help? You usually post some cool ****.. Boxers with no padding on their thumbs thumbing opponents in the eye would lead to eyes being poked out vs just being hurt with the thumb of the glove. Getting poked directly in the eye with a finger Vs getting poked directly in the eye by a finger with padding on it.. C'mon bruh.
  10. Big Pettis fan.. One thing that disappointed me when asked in a interview what kind of music you listen to he responded anything Drake. But nobody's perfect. Think he can beat Aldo but in Brazil it will be a tough task.
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