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  1. h3ll no lol i would not mess with megan fox she is a demon
  2. You need to get out more homie...if someone stole from me they would be in a bad place...idk why you just don't go out & get it back the old fashioned way & i don't mean calling the cops.
  3. that is just b/s lol not all of them can dance or rap or w/e in fact most can't imo they just think they can...so i voted for Depends on a person's musical training.
  4. I am legendary everywhere i go:)
  5. hey it keep saying i have to wait to post on the other site lol idk why i waited a while too & it still says it.
  6. lol wth are you guys talking about?
  7. If they are really that worried by a gun like everyone else.
  8. Yay lol:D so what you up to tonight?
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