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  1. All this crap about Ronda vs Gina could be the biggest UFC fight ever pisses me off too. Disrespectful to all the fighters who have been busting their **** in the UFC for years The very first WMMA fight in the UFC was Feb. 23rd, 2013. So what in god's name are you talking about? Gina Carano is the one who was working her **** off in Strikeforce upholding an entire division so that she could hand it off to these wanna-be fighters they have on the roster now. Prime Gina beats the living **** out of Miesha Tate and every woman on the roster except Ronda. I'm talking about a lot of the male fighters, and fights which were obviously bigger than Rousey vs Carano would be. Silva vs Sonnen 2, GSP vs Diaz, JDS vs Cain 2. I think people cared more for those fights than they ever will Rousey vs Carano. Dana said it could be the biggest UFC fight ever, not the biggest Womens UFC fight
  2. No he just fought a murderer with a glass chin. He will never win UFC gold. This 100%
  3. Jones will probably win, but I don't want him to, I want to see him knocked out cold. WAR GLOVER!!
  4. I never really root for fighters who have superior genetic gifts. That's why I don't like Jon Jones, his biggest weapon is his frame for the weight class, Fabricio would mutilate him at HW
  5. I shouldn't let the double standards annoy me, but they really ****ing do...
  6. Aside from Khabib's win, Werdum schooling Browne was the best moment for me. Nothing better than watching someone with an ego get humbled
  7. He thought that Cyborg would beat Ronda the same as she did to Gina, and he doesn't want to lose his cash cow olympian to a steroid freak in a nutshell. but I like Cyborg She represents a crazy element of WMMA
  8. All this crap about Ronda vs Gina could be the biggest UFC fight ever pisses me off too. Disrespectful to all the fighters who have been busting their **** in the UFC for years
  9. To be honest Ronda could stab someone and Uncle Dana would call the situation a 'misunderstanding'
  10. I haven't been here for a while, but this subject pissed me off enough to want to say something and see if anyone else feels the same Everyone says Cyborg looks like a man, Ronda talk's **** on her all day knowing she probably won't have to fight her Guess what? A lot of female fighters have a stacked physique, like Liz Carmouche and Sarah McMann is pretty huge True, Cyrborg did get busted for steroids, though quite a few fighters have been busted for PEDs over the years So did Belfort, AND he abused TRT, then was given the title shot (yeah I know he dropped out) It is very obvious that he completely re-invigorated his career by abusing TRT. The way I see it the UFC aren't giving Cyborg a chance but gave Belfort one despite similar circumstances. Its way easier to call a women out for PED's in mma due to how different their physique is naturally compared to a man. Maybe I am talking crap, and maybe I am wrong. I hope I am and you guys can tell me that, because this is a annoying situation and it confuses me
  11. I don't see Jones Silva ever happening, Silva is a natural MW who used to fight at 168, Jones is a big LHW who might some day be at HW
  12. Wow.. who gives a ****. was it really going to any other way.
  13. This is a fight that shouldn't even be happening..
  14. I am thinking Jones by guillotine when Chael goes in for the power double.. but I hope not
  15. Here is one thing I am not looking forward to: Jones beats Sonnen, and everyone talks about how great he is, Chael failed against the champ in the lower division, if Jones beats Chael, how much will it really prove?
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