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  1. Stefano

    Nogueira vs Nelson

    Roy's fighting is starting to look more like his body. He rode high on "fat boy in MMA" hype and now he's just another tough guy getting slower by the day. Easy to beat, just don't get hit full on by the tank.
  2. Koscheck was all mouth and sarcasm trying to get under GSP's' skin and trash talk him. While GSP just took it in stride and kept racking up the W's. Rousey reminds me of Kos-petty, rude and jealous.
  3. It is well known that women outlive their male counterparts at every stage of life. Do you think the female fighters will age better and maintain better athleticism, resulting into noticeably longer fighting careers?
  4. "In the good old days" the defeated ones were sent packing and only returned as a replacement. I just hope Dana doesn't start getting soft and go all P.C. with T.U.F. and say "there are no winners or losers." On the other hand, Shayna looks like she's in the early phases of being groomed as a commentator. After all she is 33, almost over-the-hill in MMA.
  5. I watch these TUF female fighters midsections and hips over half the time during fights. I guess I'm not sophisticated or European enough to ignore the fact that they are gorgeous women as well as fighters. Their athleticism only adds to their appearance.
  6. 205, 225, 250, 275, Hwt. We want big, speedy guys (but not ****'s like Lesnar) instead of fat 205# er's that can't defend the title more than one or to times.
  7. Rousey is like Kos against GSP-Scared, weakened and jealous.
  8. Chael was not and never will hold title because ((fill in the blank)).
  9. Rogan has a bad habit of overselling new fighters that look good then don't meet his hyped up standards, but when it comes to UFC I consider J.R. the true voice of high class MMA.
  10. It's like the term "**** Star" being used for everyone that does **** vids.
  11. Faber fought Brown after breaking both hands.
  12. Stefano

    Why are we surprised?

    Garcia over Phan, 1st fight. Now that was a travesty of judgement.
  13. Stefano

    Why are we surprised?

    All you have to do to fully appreciate Machida's style is dub in the sounds of a girl screaming every time he runs away from the pocket.
  14. People that get taken down alot and lose alot say "Take Downs with zero damage deserve zero points."
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