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  1. Gegard Mousasi Please bring this man to the UFC. I believe he is the only one who has a significant "Chance" to beat Jones. What do you guys think??
  2. there aint no live streaming!?
  3. adaMs06


    Please find me a site i can stream these fights on!!! Pleassse
  4. Is there anyone who knows a site i can stream this fight on!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeee
  5. Very athletic.. very strong and very big.. if this guy was trained at a young age, do you think he would have the skills and technique to be a great heavyweight in MMA?? Discuss..
  6. Your delusional man.. the guy has only lost two times and both losses were vs previous champions.. in Rashad and Lyoto and he had 3 hernaited discs in his back in both fights.. and absuletly rocked Rashad in the 3rd round. Rashad was running for the hills he did not hurt Thiago at all in that fight and squeaked out a pathetic W like he always does. I love when people have no idea about who fighters are they just run there mouth just wait till the 14th. The "Gus Bus" will soon be empty and Silva will be one step closer to where he deserves to be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xex1OrbpnlQ
  7. The man is fully 100% healed no back problems he is going to run right through that toothpick. Full Mount GnP just like when Mr. Houston Alexander got pulverized.
  8. Alexander is a good kid guys.. so we should have a donation forum for his funeral. If everyone pitched in 10$-20$ it would make a big difference and would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Exactly what will happen +100 where would i bet on this legit bet 2-1 odds is solid?
  10. I think not... your train sucks donkey nuts my friend. Mark my words Thiago Silva will get him to the ground and Thiago Silva will GnP Gus till his face is mush. You will see an animal like you have never seen before the man has been locked up in a cage and will unleash his fury this will be a bad night for Gus and all of his supporters in the crowd. WAR THIAGO SILVA [ATTACH]3695[/ATTACH]
  11. I have never done one of these before you might have to run me through it
  12. wipe the sand from ur *** and sig bet me already i got T.silva
  13. I love you and i love your comment beautiful!! WAR THIAGO SILVA!
  14. adaMs06

    Gustafsson vs. Silva

    Thiago Silva is going to run right through Alexander... end of story i don't need to get into details. Get my beer and hot wings ready. 1st round KO via SMASH 'n' BASH (GnP)
  15. Simple its Matt Serra.. He did not deserve the titleshot, landed a super lucky punch and never defended his belt and got absuletly man handled by GSP te second fight. Oh ya and what did he ever accomplish before the title and after?? Hes just a little tree stump of a man with the most overrated bjj in the game.
  16. ThaigoSilva is not scared of noone he will come in and land that power punch that everyone is waiting for. He will be te next champ if he gets to bones. ThiagoSilva out classed Rashad Evans with 3 hernaited discs in his back.. If he stays healthy he is the one to do it mark my words.
  17. ThiagoSilva get inside overpower him in the clinch take him down or land a short power punch in the clinch.. You know the power this man has.
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