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    Dana white?

    Im so confused by Dana Whites job title. Is Dana White just President or Owner? If Dana isnt owner who the hell is? Is the UFC owned by a committee of somesort? idk. you guys can call me stupid and **** and dumb but idc im just curious.
  2. hahahha, so having an opinion makes you a tool? think about what you said. think about the statement you said. You just called your self a tool. lol.
  3. Hell yeah! Demarques Johnson is the sickest fighter on the show.
  4. Who would want to see the fantasy fight of the century? Michael Bisping vs Damarquees Johnson. That would be the sickest fight of the year in MMA. Who agrees?
  5. Mjstrp

    dream match

    Are you serious?!?! First of all, two different weights liddel is a heavy weight, and Faber is a lightweight. Second of all, it would be a won hitta quitta because faber seems tuff, but holy **** look where and who he fights. Faber fights in the weakest organization on the planet. I swear all you have to do is sign up to fight in that organization. Plus he fights all these Mexican Americans who just started fighting. The only good person hes EVER fought has been Brown, Who whipped the **** out of the kid. So who ever says hes godly, he couldnt do **** in ufc. I mean no disrespect, but how do we know if the kids good if we've never seen him win verse a GOOD/OKAY fighter? I love the guy to death but seriously go onto something bigger and better.
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