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  1. he is 4-2...so obviously he proves himself more than not...and I don't remember a fighter who doesn't talk ish...and in his last fight he really didn't say anything at all...but I agree he does talk alot and it was funny when he bet $100 for every tooth he knocked out of his opponent he actually lost 4 teeth...pretty ironic
  2. usually the ones who talk chit are pos who can't back it up and "think" they're cool guys...and need to try and intimidate their opponents...Bisping's trash...he couldn't show up for his fighters fight cuz he knew he was gonna lose...if my coach didn't show for one of my fights I would never respect him again and I've NEVER seen that be4 in my life...especially for "sleeping" in...he disrespects a grown man by shooting water in his face and when Henderson comes up to protect his fighter he cowers away apologizing...than after his fighter loses he can't even call him pathetic to his face...he slithers out of the room and talks his trash...true sign of a coward...I got no respect for the guy...maybe you do...but you obviously have no idea what ur talking about...oooo you talk chit too how scary...can't wait for Hollywood to drag what's left of his face all over the mat
  3. funny I didn't like him at 1st either...he needs a good solid year of training with someone who can teach him takedowns, g&p , and a lil muay thai. He has a good muay clinch and solid high knees IMO. But most importantly he needs to build his cardio so when his opponents gassing he can just destroy him...the guy takes about as much punishment I've ever seen which with 2 equal fighters can make the difference every time. START RUNNING IN THE VEGAS HEAT and you'll be able to survive 10 rds...I live here I should know...
  4. coming from an ex wrestler...why can't these guys go 3 rounds? kinda blows my mind how bad their cardio is...is it just me? I've seen 2 Brits completely gas themselves half way into the 2nd rd? I always tell every1 the way to beating a big guy is to "survive his 1st arsenal" and circle with hit and run to tire him down to weaken him and than go for the kill...guess this is just reinforcing that idea, but I could still go 3 rds np if I had to...I do still train lightly and run tho and IMO 3 rds of wrestling is harder than a 3rd slugfest even tho not all fights are on their feet...crazy
  5. used to like GSP until he cheated...bad for the sport
  6. Joyce Gracie , Sakuraba , Dan Henderson , and the most underrated fighter ever ... Frank Shamrock
  7. #1-it's called evolution #2-did you meet him or do you take peoples word on everything? #3-actually I can prolong it or make it come faster and all the dead people I know are in the ground get out of here with your god is good crap
  8. just watched the ultimate fighter episode 9...and for any up and coming fighters who ever feel like the odds r against them...this guy Frank Lester can show u a thing or two...and Jason Pierce is exactly what you don't want to be like...Frank fought with missing teeth against a supposed better fighter probably a week after losing a fight...with stiches...man I'm a Frank Lester fan no matter what this guy does...a true fighter will fight ne1 at netime newhere and he proved it...good way to tie it up for the USA and send that fruit Bisping pouting and degrading his own "students"...Bispings a whole other topic tho...and Jason Pierce is a disgrace to America and I'd spit on him if I ever saw him...he's practically a Brit and should be exiled...I wish Dana would quit letting him get face time and just send him home...the guys a joke and I'm glad they call him out next episode...I've got good frineds who are British and I love em to death...but the difference with America and every1 else is we will fight in the most dire situations even if it means an **** whooping...GOOD WIN FRANK YOU MADE US ALL PROUD TO BE AMERICANS!!!
  9. is this a joke? Fedor would destroy Brock and I'm a Lesnar fan...
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