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  1. lil nog after he beats tito
  2. who would you prefer to get the title shot?
  3. u forgot about jens pulver who bj beat in the rematch you noob
  4. ya i went to buy his book and he was there haha and got his autograph and some pictures,
  5. gonzaga and shaub are fighting at 121
  6. Mirko ?CroCop? Filipovic will be stepping in for an injured Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 119, Fighters Only can confirm. We broke the news of Nogueira?s withdrawal earlier and can now confirm that Filipovic is the replacement. Nogueira?s injury is undisclosed at this point but a Brazilian source tells us it is one that requires surgery and is not an recurrence of the staph infection he suffered around the time of the first fight with Mir. Filipovic?s inclusion in the UFC 1109 headlining fight was notified to Fighters Only by sources close to the event. It will be the first time that the Croatian legend and former PRIDE FC title challenger has fought Mir, a former UFC heavyweight champion. He has fought two former UFC heavyweight champions in the past, going 1-1 with Kevin Randleman and 3-0 over Josh Barnett while fighting in PRIDE, the Japanese promotion which once rivalled the UFC in stature. UFC 119 is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on September 25, 2010 at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. The event will be the first that the UFC has hosted in Indiana. Attachments:There are no attachments for this article
  7. you are all sore losers and pathetic. gomi won, by knock out. knock out of the night. so stfu
  8. jones and rashad are training partners they wont fight
  9. slack_415

    Daily Line?

    theres other stuff other than mma happened today man
  10. they train together at jacksons. they wont fight one another
  11. slack_415

    Big Johnnnnnn!

    yeah hes great. he takes control! war big jon!
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