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  1. They're trying to convince me that these middleweights don't hit as hard as Flyweights and Women? Yeah, that sounds like Bleacherreport. Ronda Rousey DEFINITELY hits harder than Jacare. lol! Nice point...But Askren makes a very compelling point.
  2. This is the list of the 10 pillow fisted fighters in MMA today. Check it out and discuss if you agree or not. Not sure if this was already posted. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1517305-pillow-hands-the-10-weakest-punchers-in-mma/page/2
  3. Barao deserves Edgars spot True. This guy maybe the bantamweight interim champion but I still think he is still being overlooked.
  4. Jacob Volkman, Brendan Schaub, Kimbo Slice, Tank Abbot )
  5. Both fighters are bosses in my opinion but Machida can fire Hendo.
  6. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1518373-anthony-pettis-jose-aldo-is-a-tougher-fight-than-benson-henderson Whatcha think guys?? He beat Bendo before but can he do it again?? And do you think he stands a chance against Aldo??
  7. I discussed this in the past but let's hear what the 13'ers has to say on this matter... What manner of defeat is more humbling or humiliating? Knockout or submission?
  8. 155, has a better chance of beating Benson than Aldo. Not unless he wants to get humiliated the 3rd time around.
  9. Doubt he'd beat barao Oh Barao is gonna gonna gobble him up really good and spit him out!
  10. They should fight in a Super Duper fight in Invicta...
  11. Invicta 135 Invicta?? Isn't this the promo that still has Tank Abbot, Big Daddy Goodridge, and the Blue Meanie under their payroll?? ) No Invicta is the all female promotion LOL!! My bad!!
  12. Like what I said from a business standpoint he shouldn't jump ship in mid sail! The guy is still under contract with FOX and reneges on that contract is wrong under any circumstance...
  13. You need to drain every once of his blood just to expunge the PED from his system and make weight at 205.
  14. Invicta 135 Invicta?? Isn't this the promo that still has Tank Abbot, Big Daddy Goodridge, and the Blue Meanie under their payroll?? )
  15. WTF!! I have nothing but respect for Randy! And I really love this guy...but now... From a business standpoint, Randy can be considered an ingrate! Guy should know better not to cross the company that made him who he is now!!! I mean between Randy and Dana... >- Randy betrayed the UFC and signed with Bellator. That's why I was wondering if he should be removed from the hall of fame, like Lance Armstrong was stripped of his titles Oh, wow!! ooookkkkk...Im officially speechless and torn about this one. Yep, Randy was still signed with FOX and he had one more UFC show to do but he was a coward and signed with Spike TV / Bellator
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