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  1. He shoulda just let Dan Henderson have his crack at Silva and kept him in the ufc!
  2. Well imo that was Dana Whites fault Nate the Great would have been a much better match up its not Silva's fault if they give him a bad match up and he feels bad to hurt the guy to much. These fighters are people they have friends maybe Anderson liked Maia.
  3. lol well put this is what we saw as I said Silva master class.
  4. All the hating makes me laugh?,, fight was a Silva master class. The Fight was a miss match from the off Maia is one dimensional Silva new this and after doing enough in the 1st 3 rounds relaxed. In doing so may have saved Maia alot of injury even a career ending one. Why should he knock Maia out if he doesn't need to this is spose to be a sport don't forget. He was dictating where the fight was gonna take place and inviting Maia on, it wasn't till the last round that Maia started swinging in desperate fashion. Stop hating and enjoy a master at work. Bring on GSP though omg what a prospect. I think maybe should be a catch weight fight though to be fair but guess it couldn't be a title fight then so if Anderson wants to cut down to 170 hats off to him.
  5. I actually thought with the takedown at the end Vera would clinch it.
  6. Ross the Boss Glad he won in convincing style, well done Ross! all without dislocating any joints lol.
  7. I always though Wilks has a weak chin even against Frank I was worried in tuf 9, he has good skills but his stand up defence is lacking. He didn't have his hands up properly and when he saw the knee coming he put his hands down and braced to take it in the head as if he had an invisible shield that was gonna protect him lol. He instinctively put his hands down where you would think he would hold them up as the blow was coming, was weird.
  8. I can only imaging that the judges must have counted the small punches Randy landed in the clinch even though they weren't that damaging. Lets face it Brandon didn't do much work either apart from the punishing kicks, Randy seemed to get the better of the boxing with the Hands overall. I wouldn't have wanted to be a judge on that fight! It was frustrating that Brandon couldn't find some distance stick and move more he must have known Randy would tie him up in the clinch. Randy has always been a master of implementing his game plan to eek out a victory even if it doesn't always make for the most exciting fights.
  9. Bisping has always had takedowns but think he has been scared to use them against the wrestlers like Hamill, Evans and Hendo knowing that wrestling is his weak point or maybe he just didn't get the chance as he was taken down first lol. I've seen him in his older cage rage fights take opponents down and pound em. Also I believe he cares about putting on a show for the fans which is why he likes to hype fights and be controversial. It was no shame loosing to Hendo who has and iron chin and is one of the best fighters at middleweight and light heavyweight. I am disappointed that Hendo didn't get his title shot he deserved against Anderson and hope Dana sees sense and signs him for it.
  10. If Dan's the Outlaw then GSP is the sheriff who's gonna lock him up. The fighters don't rush in and try to finish the fights unless the guys are really badly rocked these days cause they are wary of blowing there energy to early and not managing to finish the opponent off, most of the rounded opponents can protect themselves well on the ground. If a fighter thinks he's winning the round he may just control the opponent instead of trying to finish which is why I think Dan was going for the take down rather than blow his wad trying to finish Swick.
  11. Maybe Dana should look at the bigger picture A Team is worldwide and Rampage being in it may bring more publicity to the UFC. I'm sure he'll fight Rashad at a later date.
  12. Its as I said in a previous Fedor post Co promotion is necessary to get the fights people wanna see, as the sport grows more I'm sure this will become more apparent. As Strikeforce and alliances get more tv coverage around the globe and if they co promote then organisations in various countries will want some of the action. Both strikeforce and Dream have some good fighters so things can only get better for them in my opinion in a growing sport. I saw some strikeforce matches on extreme channel here in uk the other day and thought it was good, although not the same without Bruce Buffer introducing the matches, no other announcer sounds quite good enough after Bruce It was fun to watch Frank Shamrock fight though after all these years (haven't seen him since his ufc days). Fedor and m1 Global have definitely sent a message to the ufc that will have Dana looking over his shoulder in the future I think.
  13. Randy_Fan

    UK TV info

    Yep I'm on virgin XL and loving it! Choose a package its good value and the Broadband is the best in the uk. http://allyours.virginmedia.com/html/bundles/triple-builder.html Aslong as you have XL tv you'll get espn free
  14. Randy_Fan

    UK TV info

    Wow is that "house car" like a Winnebago or is it bigger? Sounds like it might be expensive to run though
  15. Its true what they are saying ufc can't control everything if they truly want to expand globally as Dana keeps saying they may have to co promote fights to get the fights people want to see. I'm sure Boxing has to co promote for these reasons. MMA is growing and if alot of small company's around the globe can get a big name fighters then it can grow in much the same way boxing did. Say another company did get Brock cause he wasn't happy with ufc and they co promote a fight with fedor on ppv you would all pay for it im sure.
  16. Randy_Fan

    UK TV info

    Found this link about virgin XL customers getting espn free similar to the setanta deal hope its true if they do get ufc. http://www.top10-broadband.co.uk/news/2009/07/virgin_media_broadband_bundle_customers_to_receive_espn/
  17. I don't think Dana can be silly here and give out a contract to Fedor which may upset other fighters. He has to think about the bigger picture if he lets fedor have a certain type of contract that others don't then they are all gonna want it aswell.
  18. I have to agree with this really although bbj guys have done well and one or 2 Judo I think the core strength and ground control of a good wrestler is hard to beat Especially the Greco Roman guys who are good in the clinch especially now days with the conditioning. The introduction of rounds and time limits helped the wrestlers to dominate UFC as it gave them a breather. Taking an opponent down and controlling can be tiring especially if they don't manage to damage an opponent in the guard. In the earlier days before rounds and limits a striker or BJJ guy with a good guard could bide time till the wrestler was tired then either submit them if a BJJ guy or if a fight was stood up or they managed to get to there feet the striker could then punch and kick a tired wrestler at will. Oops just realised sorry for double post :s
  19. Boxers have to many Rules to unlearn in the past they have not done well. Kick boxers have faired better than straight boxers.
  20. Anderson or GSP have best all round skills. Man who achieved most with least skills has gotta be Randy I would say as Matt Has better submissions than Randy although Randy developed some good stand up skills. As for people posting Fedor why? Hes not in the UFC topic and the topic was most skilled fighter in the UFC.
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