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  1. and you sir are a GSP ****
  2. if you could knock one if these people out who would it be?
  3. If u had a fight in the ufc, what would your song be? mine would be that's what it is-DJ Muggs
  4. boxer55

    GSP vs Kos?

    GSP will lay on KOS
  5. 5 rounds of GSP laying on Hardy
  6. If someone put GSP on his back i bet he would panic
  7. boxer55


    Duffee got a 7 sec KO
  8. Well i guess its off to Strikeforce for him
  9. boxer55

    possible rematch

    If Rampage gets layed on by Rashad for 3 rds an Shogun gets cheated by the judges again Shogun vs. Rampage 2 is possible, any thoughts on how the rematch would go, both have evolved alot
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