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  1. psyker1

    Lesnar vs Overeem...NC?

    Brock is **** anyway, he cant even throw a punch. Hope they let Overeem fight
  2. I dont know why they dont get ex-fighters to ref the fights. what the fck do some of these fools know
  3. i don't know what grown men would want to even go in the showers and look if someones wanking off and look at another mans d!ck - they must be f@gs
  4. machida just about won all shogun done most of the time was throw low kicks and move back that shows no aggresion or skill and shows that he is just trying to survive better luck nxt tme shogun and hpe you come to fight
  5. there is only so much rampage can say - get up- put your legs on his hip- push him - iabe coudnt do anything and shouldnt have been on the show
  6. How do you know he's taken harder punches before?
  7. forrest is a descent fighter he just got outclassed on the night a bit like rich franklin
  8. he just got battered mate
  9. psyker1

    Brock vs Mir

    bisping was giving it all the mouth during tuf to give the program some life if there was another trainer like hendo they would have been grunting to each other. Hendo is a amazing fighter and deserved to win, but that being said bisping needed to get knocked who knows might be good for him
  10. channel 433 sky piece of pi$$
  11. i am really really looking forward to this
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