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  1. Nothing against the guy but I think he's a clueless and uninteresting commentator . Would love to see him replaced.
  2. I'm on virgin and mega pissed off that I now have to illigaly download the event sunday morning but due to my 60 meg connection this isn't an issue like it would be on top speed 5 meg bt ****e. Screw you dana you absolute tool.
  3. wordack

    WTF Dana

    ok cool thanks ;p
  4. wordack

    WTF Dana

    In the UK we now have to buy the season finales of the smashes and the other tuf? As we dont have fuel TV. Well not only were both seasons wank now i need to illigaly download these events just to see the good fights what a pain in the **** dana you fail bot next time I bump into you in vegas i'm going to give you a slap that is all.
  5. wordack

    Gi Bjj

    Just started serious training in the gi for the first time ever and i was wondering is there any site with all vids and techniques etc on it that anyone knows?
  6. Feel along your jaw with your finger tip just past your ear theres a dent in it that my friend is the sweet spot and preasure point,
  7. wordack

    ESPN w1NK

    I wasnt realy moaning about dana i just wish he would get a better tv deal over here. And the coverage on espn was ****e they even cut off the pickett fight to fit it in.
  8. wordack

    ESPN w1NK

    Gotta laugh though that the talentless unfit boxer that is tyson fury is now one of the biggests draws in europe lol how boxings has fallen.....
  9. wordack

    ESPN w1NK

    Why isnt ufc on live on espn this weekend? common dana we are the 2nd biggest audiance over in the uk my man get it sorted.
  10. He has no heart , too easy to intimedate him and crush his will. If he is ever champ i will learn to suck my own junk.
  11. Strange post lol , but i can kinda see what he means with edger and his little t rex arms trying to stop a 6 footer trying to rape him if he ever wound up in prison lol
  12. hes 11/1 at the bookys so i had a punt on him to win
  13. oh so i can watch it tomorrow before midnight?
  14. espn are wankers gettin pised off wi this.
  15. it stays in your system for upto 3 weeks he coulda tested posative if he had 1 joint 2 weeks ago.
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