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  1. Hey Phil, did that guys trainer really headbutt you after you knocked him out?
  2. Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin Griffin vs. Guida
  3. Hamill by decision Mir by decision Browne by decision Stann by TKO Story by TKO
  4. I was actually being serious. Anderson would best GSP in combat. And I'd like see some stand-up from GSP. IMO he's got better striking than Hardy, Kos & Shields yet didnt seem to assert himself in those fights. Just like you said, I blame the trainers.
  5. Nick Diaz as a coach? Come on, son! This guy can't even look at the camera & answer a question for more than 3 sec. But, he can fight, though, and I dont think he cares much for the fame.
  6. Yes, Anderson is P4P best. Yes, GSP fights "safe". Yes, Jake poked the eye of the St. Pierre. And, yes I blame the "safe" trainers. **** them! Yes, I wanna see punching power, combinations & ****ing head kicks from the Georges! Yes....
  7. Rampage's debut in Pride against Sakuraba.
  8. Just let the mother****er fight already, geez.
  9. How can you guys forget Herring vs Nogueria? I bout **** my pants when I saw Heath nearly knock him out.
  10. It's not the best, but I bet it's better than Lesnar's. And that's all that matters.
  11. Oh, you mean those busted -*** trannies? You talk about "home grown terrorism" without mentioning that NEO-NAZI fella that blowup that building & daycare center in the 90's.
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