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  1. Failures because we dont keep track of ONE member and his postings...um...ok...lol. Crack is not the answer, help is out there.
  2. Guti...umm...I just watched and still think your cheese has fell off the cracker. hendo was classic G&Ping Silva and then for some reason decided to stand again (i think he got angry, which is not a good idea against a counter striker lol). Like I said before, he wont make that mistake again. Overated? Oh...you forgot how has dominated almost every name in MMA in Pride and though he had a rocky start getting used the octagon he has bounced back and looks like the Hendo of Pride. I understand...it happens to other people all the time. Him crushing Bisping was epic wasnt? lol.
  3. I am a huge Machida fan and even I have to say....gluesniffersayswhat?!
  4. Are you serious. Of course there will be a rematch. I think it will be great. GSP lost to Matt Sera but came back and destroyed him. I think Machida can do the same with his close call.
  5. I totally missed the "never seen" part, my B.
  6. I cant find it but there was a clip from sports soup where in a MMA match the winner snapped the other guys neck...nastiest thing ive seen in the ring.
  7. You did say higher right? Thought so. So where do you get off? Did i misuse a stat?? Am I the only one trying to show this guy the error of his extremely misguided ways? No. You have not too fast on the comebacks so the best you can do is tell a senior member to go back to trolling...sad....very sad. The irony of a Brock fan telling me to go back to WWE is amazing.....maybe you are the brother uncle.......some parts or rural GA can be that way I have noticed.
  8. You must be his boyfriend. I put forth my geniune concern about an obviouly mentally ill person and you....a MEMBER....talked to me about trolling WoW sites? Um...ok....rofl.
  9. ****.....are you Brock's brother dad or something? You CANT be serious right? Do you have a caregiver? Are you home alone? As an abuse counselor I am very concerned about you and feel a Baker Act might be the answer..
  10. Wow you are delusional so im starting to feel im wasting my time. You can read right? You did see that its not used in Websters that way and just because a political pundit used it does not make it so......wow. Knowing I am right about you hurts and scares you a bit doesnt? Its for your own good.
  11. Lol....brilliant.....feed the hungry...so we dont need him after all.....rofl
  12. When that happens...could you let me know? I see that you could not counter any of my observations. Admit it...you just arent as smart as you think....I know its rough...you are prolly weak and lonely (no, hookers do not count) so you focus on your limited intellect and Attempt to belittle others....not very successful if you ask me...or if you don't lol. Break the cycle bro....get some help....go to a gym...it will be ok...or not....
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