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  1. Actually the UFC will gain fans, don't forget that many more people knew the name Brock Lesnar than did the UFC back when Brock was at his WWE peak. The way he conducted himself post-fight was perfectly fitted to his bad-guy character, which he played during his early days and does not mind continuing.
  2. davedude

    Bad judges

    There's no reason to go out of your way to be nasty to another poster. This fight really brings up an interesting paradigm: the value of striking vs. ground If scoring the fight purely on take downs, rather than overall damage done, then yes, the decision was fair. However, taking the total sum of the parts: the octagon control was about even, the ground went to Akiyama, the striking went to Belcher and the overall damage done also goes to Belcher. By that token, Blecher did get robbed (as Joe Rogan, who is generally sharp on these matters, immediately pointed out.)
  3. davedude

    Belcher got robbed

    I don't think it was anything specifically for Asian fans. Some judges just put a high point value on take-downs, although in this case Akiyama couldn't do anything with them. Belcher clearly got the better of the stand-up... and yes, he totally got the sh!t end of the stick. =(
  4. In the break between rounds 1 and 2 of the Henderson-Bisping fight, Hendo's trainer pulled on his shorts and poured a small gulp of water down the front. Not sure what the purpose was, but Hendo certainly had his "Mojo" on in round 2!
  5. He was only able to get on top and finish because he clearly and illegally held onto the fence. By grabbing the fence he was able to stay elevated just long enough to fall on top of Cameron, rather than under as he inevitably would have. As far as I'm concerned, he's an F'n cheater. And the UFC does nothing about these little violations, which cause heartbreak for another fighter. This is the very reason that MMA has had so much difficulty being recognized on the same level of professionalism as boxing. Sad, just plain sad.
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