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  1. idk.. but it was a pretty good fight, and that **** wasnt fake, i can tell it was real.... well hell. i dont know.. u could be fake, but looked real to me.
  2. You guys are right, but on the last day of school. This girl was watching some **** on MTV, it had a pro MMA fighter going up against some average guy, but the average guy was built. they were both short i think, but well built. and they had to fight over some girl, u kno how MTV does all the bs dating ****... anyways the MMA fighter did win, but it was a hell of a fight, the big guy really couldnt do ****, but had him down close to pins a few times.
  3. Maybe.. I'm a fan of vin deisel, i think with his status, and the films that he does, tha he has some sort of training. But then again.. he could just be a fan.
  4. Saw Vin Diesal in the crowd once, he's pretty badass. It be awesome to see him fight on UFC?. He was badass in Pitch Black, wikipedia says he might play the role in the upcoming Hannibal (only the most deadliest genius warrior badass from B.C.) movie
  5. Yeah the owner was a complete badass, he never went to jail I think, and kept all the money from the cocaine.
  6. lol yeah, thanks. i am going to pimp this ****. all hi gloss black, tinted windows, it will be badass. new clutch. i have blood under the glass of my shifter... idk who the previous owners were...
  7. HELL YEAH... that'd be pretty badass. If it were me, i'd probably be the only person in NC to have one lol.
  8. im aspiring. my friend has done MMA for a while, who goes to the cllege ill be at next year say they have a good MMA club. It's in tempe, AZ. I'm looking forward to joining. No one in my area really trains, but I get to spar a lot at the Y down the street. I'm going to boot june 29th, im looking to get lack belt in the usmc mma they have.
  9. I got it because I actually like the Delorean, but can't afford one, but I do have Dinosaur fossils in the hatch...
  10. and i def need a new muffler. lol
  11. I drive a MK2 Supra Celica, 7MGTE - I need to get some body work done, it's my first car...
  12. It's been a cold world since B.C., hell since the dinosaurs age.
  13. I'm new to the forums, been watching UFC a while. Can't wait to see 99 on 13th.
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