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  1. Thats excellent news and along with the new UFC highlights show on C5 its happy days.
  2. A battle between two of my least favorite fighters ,who wins ,don`t know and don`t care !
  3. Lesnar my appologies and for a repeat thread,I can`t stand Brock but whether you think i`m nuts or not i`d take him to win I ain`t an expert but i`ve seen many Fedor fights,the big guys i`ve seen him fight and destroy are just freaks love or hate him brock has power in abbundance. But its all about oppinions ain`t it thats what induces lively debate and I`m not American I`m a Brit. Though in any debate personal insults are a silly tactick and once done you have lost the argument.
  4. These two may never get it on but if they did who would win. I`d love to see it and for Fedor to win but I fear Lesnor would prevail,he`s just to big and too powerful for everyone.
  5. I`d say Randy but fear Lesnor may take over as the greatest sooner rather than later,am gutted about that. Someone please ensure my prediction doesn`t come true.
  6. Fight Hedo next that will prolong his wining record with an easy victory.
  7. Dan Hardy for me a real prospect and geting better with every fight.
  8. I`m a Leben lover,he`s all action always gives 100% a real crowd pleaser.He`s 8-4 in the UFC and 18-5 in MMA so to say he`s always getting beaten up is crap.
  9. ironmike2007

    The return

    I can`t wait to see the return of Chris Leben at UFC 102,my favorite fighter in the octagon bar non. Never in a dull fight exciting in and out of the cage.Very underated and at only 29his best is yet to come.
  10. I like Mir ,he is a far better fighter than lesnar but lesnar is just to big,if it was an intelligence contest Mir would win hands down but there again Brock is dim as they come not that he cares of course.
  11. I think maybe people are seeing these fights on DVD for the first time and commenting,Bispin got the W granted it was close but i`d given it to Bispin to ,just.
  12. Wanderlei without a doubt he`d make a good hunchback of notredame he`s hedious !
  13. Because he`s a total prick thats why,nothing to do with his fighting but its the way he comes across a total knob head.
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