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  1. lol I can't believe you posted this but I guess forums are for posting ones thoughts, so to answer your question no I dont, mma just seems like one of those sports that will always be very diverse in ethnicity, diversity is in the very nature of the sport
  2. Man this looks so f***king awsome! check it out, its looking pretty gritty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwBSYBdFgTw
  3. Kool Keith also goes by Dr. Octagon best rapper ever period. definitely worth checking out plastic world and livin astro a couple of his songs
  4. Yup can't wait! I don't keep up a whole lot with soccer but I know US has done well against some good teams recently, excited to see how they match up against England
  5. Apparently back in the 50s and 60s russian cosmonauts were getting one way tickets into deep space. Pretty crazy ****, some of their SOS transmissions were picked up by these amateur radio guys and translated. Pretty sh*tty way to go... those bodies are probably still floating through deep space right now. http://www.forteantimes.com/features/articles/1302/lost_in_space.html
  6. yea i think he needs a side of french cries with that too... boo hoo So let me get this straight while everyone else was walking around having a good time you were just sitting in some dark corner staring at gsp like some psycho stalker fan the whole time! Lol no wonder he didnt come out of his booth to mingle he probably thought you were gonna stab him or kiss him or something weirdo...
  7. Not sure, but someone on here posted that they scored 178 lol, I think Albert Eintsein was about 180
  8. Eddie Alvarez Vs Gilbert Melendez gonna be an awsome fight, big ups to these organizations working together.
  9. V_Neck


    This week Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) introduced YouCut, a new GOP initiative marketed as a "first-of-its-kind project...designed to defeat the permissive culture of runaway spending in Congress." Here's how it's supposed to work: Each week the GOP asks the public to go online and vote on five different spending cut proposals. The top-ranked idea is then taken to the House floor, where it receives a full up-or-down vote. House Republicans are promising that YouCut will help bring the axe down on taxpayer-funded pork and patronage. I say to start lets end ALL funding for abstinence only until marriage programs. These programs are purely ideological and have no credibility in the medical community when in comes to the prevention of disease and teenage pregnancy, why? because teenagers are always going to have sex. duh! The best you can do is make sure they are fully educated about the subject of sex, and then hopefully they will use some good judgment calls. Abstinence only programs do not allow for this. Besides, these programs have already wasted more than $1.5 billion in federal funds so far, and have given absolutely no results I think ending these programs would be a good idea for starters, but if you dont agree with me, you can just say fu*k you, and tell them whatever you want, but tell them something. Honestly lets just see if this is just another GOP partisan gimmick or for real. go be heard http://republicanwhip.house.gov/YouCut/YourIdea.htm
  10. Tell everyone your going out of town again, set up a hidden camera see if you can catch them. Since this is the second time this has happened when you have been on leave it may be someone you know. I wouldnt beat the crap out of them, assault charges are no good, and you'll end up worse off than the thief after court.
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