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  1. This is as good a place as any to start. We're also on YouTube. We're the only band with this name so that makes it easy to find us. http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/thehelveticaeffect
  2. What blows my mind is how far Duffee has fallen. When he knocked out Tim Hague he was considered a future champ and it was just a matter of time until he took the belt. He was stupid to take the fight and not listen to his manager (who told him not to, by the way). I stated elsewhere that...
  3. If Anderson comes in anything like he has been for the past few fights he is getting KTFO. Silva can blame it on the rib all he wants it has nothing to do with his chin and Chael, of all people, rocked him standing. Now what do you think Belfort is gonna do? Vitor is not going to get caught in a triangle. In fact, Vitor has a better pedigree on the ground than Anderson, so if anyone is getting subbed, it'd be Silva.
  4. I don't have one of them nifty "Team G_Row" shirts, but I do sport my Kitsura shirt proudly.
  5. All that chest puffing and now he looks like idiot. Smoking while on the show... thats dumb, and I'm a smoker myself. By the end of the first his face was ashen white. Thats a sign of lack of oxygen. He's only 21, he needs to quit now if he wants to be serious at this.
  6. My band had a gig at a club that used to be a gay bar. Its under new management that has done away with the "gay club" label, but I can't help but laugh about having played there.
  7. Sorry man, but the current system of rules tends to favor wrestling to a degree. The cage can be used by a grappler to pin his opponent. No knees/kicks to the head of a downed opponent - this favors grappling. Even the judges score takedowns much higher than anything else. There is no yellow card/red card to avoid lack of action. Refs tend to wait until close to the end of each round before making speedy stand-ups. A grappler can throw his arms around his opponent's waist, drop to a knee, and hold him in this position without worrying about much damage being received. Don't believe me? You see this tactic employed in many fights. Its an easy way to get a fighter to the ground without worrying about being hit. I'd say that system is pretty favorable to wrestlers/grapplers.
  8. The only thing more American than Don Frye is Don Frye's poo... because it consists of nothing but steak, potatoes, and apple pie.
  9. Because he's coming again to save the mother-*bleep*ing day, yeah!
  10. Doubtful. More like Mike Swick or somebody not so high up the Contention ladder. And no offense to any Diaz fans, but the Top 3-5 WWs would crush him.
  11. Maia has a tough time submitting blackbelts. We saw it when he fought Dan Miller. His technique definitely didn't look as good as it has in the past (probably due to how much time he has spent on his striking) but Miranda is a legit BJJ blackbelt.
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